Korean Players Take Down Final Diablo III, But Can't Get Loot

According to reports out of South Korea, some of the country's most talented (and fastest) players finished Diablo III in record time.

While Western players have also completed the game, in the race to finish it first (and fastest), Korean clan EHG defeated the final Diablo III boss only five and a half hours after the server opened.

Even though the clan defeated the final boss, it apparently could not obtain the boss's items due to, well, a server problem.

Warning: The source link shows what's reportedly the final boss.

디아블로3, 출시 6시간 만에 한국 게이머들이 '점령' [MTN NOTE: FINAL BOSS SPOILER]

<emJongsu Chang contributed to this report.


    Ba ha ha ha! "Error 37 - the server is too busy for you to enjoy the game. Please try again when you're feeling suicidally depressed".

      I fully endorse this message and or event!

    Ha how ironic when i first tried to get the page translated i got a server error

    Whoa, calm down superfans.

    Meh i dont think ill finish diablo 3 in that record time ill just play and see everything in game.

    Even though it's a rush through to finish it, 5.5 hours seems awfully quick and weak as piss on blizzards part.

      On normal, with a group that has probably done act 1 on the beta, therefore know what they are doing, if this was for Inferno then yes I would agree.

      Also the question must be asked. Is it 5.5hours from when the game launched. And if so. Were they able to play at launch or did they run into the error issue for an hour or so.

      Well it says a rush to finish the final boss , so die hard players on normal difficulty not doing all the side objectives is probably a decent time

    They just went straight for bosses period. no going back to town, no looting of any kind, just bosses. i started playing at 520pm yesterday (took 20mins to get in game due to mass of people trying) and i explored every nook and cranny possible and clear each zone of monsters. it took me 6-7hours to clear act 1

      I'd read some Koreans had beat the game in 2 hours....on nightmare. Dunno how accurate that is though.

    Leave it to the Koreans and Chinese to ruin a game by sprinting to the finish line and not enjoying the story. This is why the AH is such a bad idea.

    I don't know why people have a problem with the time, Diablo 2 could be easily rushed just as quickly.

    Lol ten years for a 6 hour campaign? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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