Ladies, Keep Your Knees Warm With Giant Diablo Socks

Ladies, fighting the minions of hell can be hard work. Hard and cold work. And that kind of work can be hell on your knees. So keep them safe with these Diablo III socks.

For the men, well...if you play football/soccer, I guess you could get away with hearing it then? But only if your team name is New Tristram FC.

The socks were first shown off at BlizzCon last year, but they're now available for sale.

Diablo III Mistress of Pain Socks [Fashionably Geek]


    Are there any women out there that would mind me staring at their legs while they wear these?

    Ladies? Pfft as if I wouldn't wear these.

    Buy them. Put them on. Then come back two hours later and find they're gone and you have to start again.

    Do you need a always on internet connection to wear these too?

      They should make a whole set of (Womens) clothes that fall off when you are out of Wi-Fi range.

    Thigh high socks....I know a few girls I would love to see these on

    I'd like to see the decent monk hoodies come down to a resonable price, also those socks are cool i'd wear them but just around the house !

    I don't now what's more concerning, being a guy and having Diablo 3 socks designed for women, or that I can hear them?

    The socks, they talk to me, whisper dark secrets in my ear and sing the song of 37.

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