Leak Reveals Battlefield Premium, EA's Answer To Call Of Duty Elite

What's better than Elite? EA is hoping the answer is Premium. The mega-publisher's plans for a paid subscription service for the Battlefield action franchise have been revealed via a PlayStation store update reported on Eurogamer. The inadvertent leak outed a June 4 release date and a price of €50 ($62).

The service's exclusive goodies will reported include a special in-game knife, dog tags, soldier camos, weapon camos and extra Assignments. Another report from Joystiq — sourced to NeoGAF — claims that five BF3 expansion packs will be part of the deal, along with two weeks of early access to unreleased packs. Premium users might also have promised a stat-reset ability and would get priority in server queues.

It's been no secret that Electronic Arts has admired and may be even envied how Activision was able to squeeze even more money out of gamers with the Call of Duty Elite subscription service. EA CEO Peter Moore said as much the last time Kotaku talked to him, hinting that they'd have more to announce in the future. Except that they didn't do the announcing. When contacted for comment, EA wouldn't confirm the details above but told said the following: "Looks like the excitement for Battlefield Premium cannot be contained. For details, please visit Battlefield.com on June 4."

Image: Joystiq via NeoGAF


    As much as I love BF3 - the Australian pricing really is a hefty punch to the gut. $79.95?! It's $49.95US, and 49.95 Euros.. almost a $30 markup on the US price and ~$17 markup on the Euro price.

    Aussie price from the Battlefieldo, who got it from a PSN store blog which has since had the price removed: http://battlefieldo.com/threads/bf3-close-quarters-premium-to-release-june-4th.5874/

      $79.95 is an absolutely ridiculous price.

      These douchebags should take a leaf out of Epic's book and charge something more reasonable. Wasn't it $40 for all the Gears of War 3 expansions and exclusive content (aka Season Pass)? I believe that pricing was also universal.

        Julia gillard's fault.

    Thats more than I paid for the game at luanch with the bounus BF2 maps.
    BF3 + karkland maps=$74=13 maps
    5 DLC - karkland =$79.95=16 maps
    Seems a bit steep, add to this I never buy DLC and will proberly have to buy a $100 PSN card as I dont trust sony with my credit card details.
    Will anybody still be playing this in a year or so when the last DLC comes out?Hell theres an outside chance the 720 or PS4 will be out by then.
    No I'll think I'll proberly skip close quarters and maybe get the others if there good.

    Just noticed the 'Server queue priority'. Thats just total utter stupidity. First we paid around 80-100 dollars for the game and now we have to pay to get in the server?
    I dont think I've ever been so insulted as a loyal customer. Also with Australian pricing...fucking hell..

      We always get screwed over, why the hell do we pay so much more for digital content!

      But when is it an issue? With rent-a-servers, admins can already prioritize people so they can get ahead of the que, and with official servers being quite minimal now, it really doesn't seem of much benefit at all, since you are more likely just to join another server than wait in line. It's only a benefit if you are trying to join a friends game quickly, rather then waiting or making a squad and joining a new server completely.

    I'm buying it.

    I like the looks and sounds of the future DLC for BF3, but I'm not buying it, as the game should be fixed first. And $15 seems a little steep each time. It's a pity because I want to support DICE, but DICE are EA and I don't like EA.


    I could see this being ok if the prices were fair, and if proper servers existed. Anytime I put BF3 in my machine all the servers are "FLYING BATTLES EXTRA TICKETS" and no real game is being played, just a lot of people messing about.

    i remember the good old days of battlefield when a few extra maps were an update, not a DLC paid download.

    Activision does this with CoD, and everyone screams bloody murder. EA follows suit, and suddenly its (mainly) acceptable.....what the fuck, people?

      Don't forget other season passes such as saints row 3, Max Payne 3, uncharted 3, gears of war 3..... Wait a minute.

      There's just a bias to the response people give towards particular entities. Most people swore off to CoD elite because it appeared as a money grab for a franchise as big as that, allowing people to pay early for DLC they haven't even finished planning yet.

      The other observable note is the people that comment and the amount of time they invest in it. I think there is a lot more people around here that have put a lot of hours into BF3 compared to CoD. Obviously if you play more you will show more support for it compared to people who don't put as much time into it thus being a waste of money to them. So whilst most of it is based on bias towards either EA or Activision, you also have to consider the proportion of each group commenting on such models,

    Nope - I didn't pay for elite and I won't be paying for this. Pity because I was looking forward to the new maps - but with the high potential for unbalancing the game (at least at finding a server) I'm not inclined to purchase the maps separately. Shame really.

    Lame, down under is bent over the barrel on this one.. "you guys want to be the most stable country in the economy with an above average disposable income per household? Well pucker up that b*mhole pretty boy"

      No thanks sir, I'm saving myself for Arma3, she'll treat me right.

        & why is this game called "battlefield" , as it seems the only targets needed in this franchise now is the fans backs & ea/dice's own foot

    EA go F#$K yourself

    Sincerely All gamers.


    This is why I hope CoD dies ASAP. Publishers are looking at Activision's crappy practices, seeing dollar signs, and following suit.
    More sighing. So much sighing.

      You mean like how they're copying COD's online pass.......... wait a minute

    Looks like BF3 is officially dead to me. Was fun for the month I could play without bugs.

    Originally I heard it was going to be 50 US and if it was 50.. Well I was sitting on the fence about it. Could go either way. 80 bucks is a definate no

    What a sellout, fuck you EA for corrupting DICE. My battlefield days are officially over!

    I'll be passing on this. Im getting pretty close to just completely boycotting EA now. Nothing but let-downs from them.

    Please upgrade my M26 Dart on my G3 with heavy barrel and underslung do damage to tanks first. I would pay for that.

    If it comes to PC, it's already better than Elite

    Well Im torn about this. As a competitive BF3 player the advantages are obvious there, especially for the ammount of hours I've put in and are yet to put in. But I take huge issue with the pricing and the priority que placement. That is one of the worst ideas, hugely unfair to the casual player or anyone just wanting to kill a few hours a week on the game.

    Guys - get with it. You should have all seen this coming when BF3 was released. My two friends and I sunk collectively over 4000 hours into BF2 and BC2. This game was a freaking joke when it was released as the 'successor to BF2'. BF3 my ass - this is 'CoD - Battlefield 3'. We played it for 20 hours each, and said goodbye...

    I told Activision to shove Elite up their ass. EA and DICE can shove this Premium shit back up their asses as well.

      My sentiments exactly.

      I avoid CoD not just because of the whole elite thing ( I just don't like the multiplayer) and I love Battlefields gameplay. However, I will have no part in this "premium" shite. They can indeed shove it up their ass.

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