Legend Of The Time Star Is A New Game With Old Visuals

Currently in development (sort of) at New York-based indie outfit Attack Mountain, Legend of the Time Star is a love letter to old 16-bit, side-scrolling RPGs, particularly those coming out of Japan. Thanks to the input of Jake "virt" Kaufman it's already sounding like its inspiration, but it's thanks to Brazilan artist Dudu Torres that it's looking so great.

We've featured Dudu's work on Kotaku before, and with good reason: the guy's talented. But he's certainly outdone himself here, with character art that, while bearing touches of modernity to it, also looks like it could have fallen straight out of 1993.

You can see more of Dudu's work here, while to learn/see/hear more of Legend of the Time Star, head to the link below.

Legend of the Time Star: A Retro Action RPG [Kickstarter]



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