Let Chun-Li Kick You In The Face With New Project X Zone Screens


    Sigh...this game will probably be Japan-only...just like NamcoXCapcom

    Is that John McClane in the second screenshot?

      Kind of. There was a game released for the Sega Saturn in Japan called Dynamite Deka. When released outside of Japan, Sega obtained a Die Hard license and released it as Die Hard Arcade (even though the game had next to nothing to do with Die Hard), renaming the main character (who was obviously inspired by Die Hard) from Bruno Delinger to John McClane. A sequel, Dynamite Deka 2, was released on the Dreamcast, but since Sega did not get the Die Hard license for the release outside of Japan, the main character in this game kept the original Japanese name, and the name of the game was changed to Dynamite Cop.

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