Let’s Watch Nazis Get Shot In The Balls By A Sniper

When I posted a clip from Sniper Elite V2 the other day, I was focused on one thing: killing Germans. So I shot for the head, and I shot for the heart. Both were poor choices.

Turns out I should have instead aimed a little lower. It’s funnier that way.

WARNING: Video contains exploding balls. Potentially NSFW.


    • the games a great strategic sniper game, the atmosphere is tense and the satisfaction from pulling off a kill shot at 450+ metres through a window in a train, through a house, into a crack between 2 massive stones the guy is hiding under, only to have the bullet not only kill him but ricochet off his helmet and into another enemy’s grenade belt blowing him sky high is incredible, MP is a fucking blast.

  • I love the Potentially NSFW after the words Exploding Balls.

    Sounds like there’s a lot of potential!

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