Looks Like The Next Black Ops Is A Little More Modern

Looks Like The Next Black Ops Is A Little More Modern

Call of Duty developers Treyarch have only ever made games set in the past. Whether that be the Second World War or the Cold War, doesn’t matter, their games have never seen the 1990s, let alone today. But that looks like it’s set to change with the next game in the series.

What will surely be revealed as Black Ops II sometime tomorrow is already out there in the wild via marketing material, and someone has finally had the sense to take a decent photo of one of the posters.

It shows the same silhouetted man we’ve been seeing for a while now, only with the lights turned on, so we can actually see what he’s wearing and see what he’s holding.

What he’s wearing is contemporary military gear, in particular Oakley Assault gloves, which you can see available for purchase here.

He’s also packing a rather futuristic-looking attachment on his sidearm.

Oh, and not that this has anything to do with timing, and not that this is a surprise, but he’s also American, his service flag just visible in reverse on his right arm.

This all suggests the game is at least in the ballpark of 2012. The last Black Ops game only rarely left the 1960s.

A Better Look at the Black Ops 2 Poster Boy, More Intel Teases Mysterious Character [MP1st]


    • Wait until you see the tactical Rock!!
      …and sharpened stick – with red dot scope and silencer attachments!

        • Here is something we can all agree on. The maps ardealy provided are great for survival mode but lack multiplayer big time. There are too many camping spots and no good sniping areas as if sniping is pointless. I love MW3 s story, its interesting and almost like a 2011 movie plot. Actually MW series is pretty much the same. Its epic and fun. Survival mode is great cause, wow, its hard. I can get through at least 35 waves of zombies BY MYSELF but I cannot get through wave 20 by myself. Still trying of course. Multiplayer is a big mess. Camping and too small and cramped most of the time. Lots of things get in the way. They should have done was either do the same as Black Ops where the survival gameplay and the multiplayer gameplay contain different maps or make them more enjoyable for both of them. I heard the new DLC multiplayer maps will also be playable with survival mode. That will be interesting. It will be like playing classic MW games with bots and neverending matches too. 😀 All in all. MW3 is great at times but my gosh, be ready to get frustrated, with excessive camping and other downturns. I think they just got a little lazy. It could be me, but I think they were like oh lets aim more towards survival mode and not make the maps fair and enjoyable

    • I said much the same thing, but there’s basically no chance they’re going to update the engine now, with new consoles potentially coming next year.

  • Bah cant be worse then MW3, i played it for 2 hours and couldn’t put up with the pain, maps that are smaller than my office shit me.

    • i would like them to take out painkiller (or at least nerf it) and take out lhgwtheigit but keep marathon (or Viceversa) and mst of all i hope they keep the create a class thing but im sure they will. but most of all i hope they could take out hackers or give a little effort to stop it. (and split screen xboxlive)Was this answer helpful?

  • I am thinking this will be another game with idiots that think you’re level is you’re skill when its just YOU’RE GOD DAMN PLAY TIME SOME PEOPLE HAVE JOBS YOU STUPID KIDS.

  • So… we’ll have two Call of Duty series both set in the modern day with the same weapons? Zuh?

  • Dumb question please everyone. Are Activision allowed to release Modern Warfare games because of the legal trouble that they are currently in with Respawn founders who created Modern Warfare? I know Activision is suing them for breach of contract or something.

    • I’d have thought that they can do whatever they like with it until an injunction is put in place.

      Kind of like the Apple/Samsung wars. The Galaxy tab was sold until it was banned by a successful injunction by Apple in the courts. If the Respawn guys wanted an injunction, they’d have to ask for one.

      That said, I don’t think the lawsuit in progress at the moment concerns the licensing of the Modern Warfare franchise. Just the fact that the two guys from Respawn were fired just before their bonuses were due for the hyper-successful release of MW2. The breach of contract bit was that Activision was due to pay them extra, but fired them a tiny bit before the contract said the bonus was due to be paid.

      I’m not too clued up on what the current lawsuit is, so I may be wrong about the reasons.

      • The still hold the licence… I imagine what will happen is that, should they lose the IP, they will need to hand it over and any royalties they may have made since the lawsuit was first lodged.

  • While I’d like to see a Call of Duty game set in the 1990s, I’d rather see a good Call of Duty game set in the 90s. Rehashing Black Ops + being Treyarch? I have no confidence in this title. I’m not saying I’m boycotting CoD or anything, but after BlOps and MW3 I’m taking a break until a legitimately good CoD appears.

  • Lol, After loving CoD4 and CoD5 then having my Fingernails ripped off by that shambles CoD6 I gave CoD another chance but CoD7 was a disaster i decided never again didnt buy CoD8 even though they did look like they tried to improve the game mechanics and am not going to buy CoD9 either.

    i think ill Spend that money on AC3 maybe some Max payne 3 or Ghost recon Future soldier
    (Which has made me love 3rd person MP again) yeah i think ill pass. I’ll keep those good memorys of CoD locked away so i dont forget em and i’ll block out the bad ones.

  • Hey Luke, remember your article about being sick of hearing about Bioshock: Infinite? Guess what? Thats how I feel about Call of Duty articles, especially yours.

  • Oh no, watch the cod franchise crash in a few year as the same moder cod game gets released every year

  • I’ve quite liked Treyarch’s last few cod outings, only because they seem to take a little bit for risk than IW does. I reckon there’s probably a dozen or so huge Treyarch features that get left on the cutting-room floor by the time the game ships though. Due to Activision wanting to play it safe with the franchise.

    Hopefully they release their deathgrip just before the franchise dies, that will be when we get the best COD we’ve ever seen.

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