Looks Like We've Got Some More Screens From Beyond Good & Evil 2

Allgamesbeta has posted three more shots from Beyond Good & Evil 2, which match the look of the image that turned up yesterday.

Not the sexiest screens, though I do like the mountain in that first one. In the world of Beyond Good & Evil, it sure seems like people eat a lot of fish! Hope we get it sooner rather than later.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 [AllgamesBeta]


    Man, I love the detail. Looks like the kind of setting that'd be alive with activity -- crowds, noise and the like.

    I'm guessing the story line has something to do with Jade uncovering the mysterious origins of the fish that everyone consumes...

    I find it a little odd that they're going for a super realistic look this time round. The style of the first game was awesome!

      ^ this is what I'm feeling as well

      I'm sure it'll still be amazing though :D

      But I'm also sure it might not sell that well again :/

      Yeah, its kind of a let down with this direction. I can't imagine the anthropomorphic NPC's will work as well when they're to real. Games like BGE work as well as they do because the style compliments the feel and gameplay so well.

      You aren't the only one, the shots do look good, but I don't feel Beyond Good & Evil in them... it looks like it's supposed to be something else.

      I don't know, it's colourful and stylized. To me it definitely seems Beyond Good & Evil-like, I suspect that if the technology existed back in 2003 it would have been slightly more detailed too. The art direction in the original teaser trailer seems consisted with this and the original game atleast . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkCXE1l5MVI

      Either way, more BG&E is a good thing. A damn good thing. :D

    Good to see the game wasnt given up on

    Do the designers have a goat fetish?

      I like some zebu action, myself.

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