Man Sold Stolen Game Console. Victim Accidently Bought It Back.

Twenty-nine year-old Jin Yasuda allegedly swiped a friend's game console. When it came time to sell the console (the make wasn't specified), Yasuda didn't stray far from his victim's resident. That, it seems, was his undoing.

Yasuda supposedly sold the console back to a local game shop. So when the victim's eldest son wanted to replace the stole game console, he went to the local game shop, where he bought the same make and model. The serial number was the exact same.

The victim's son showed the console and the serial number to that game shop, which kept the name of the individuals who sell used items. The person who sold that console was Jin Yasuda. They contacted the authorities, and Yasuda was nabbed for theft.

After being arrested, Yasuda told investigators, "I had money problems." That's not all — he also had stupidity problems.

中古店に盗んだゲーム機売却、被害者が買い発覚 [Yomiuri Online]



    This boys and girls, is why we use eBay.

    This is why EB Games only gives you store credit in Australia.

      No it isn't. It's because they make more money if you spend it back in their store as they get the trade in AND the profit margin on items sold. Whereas if they gave you cash you could go buy a game from JB Hi Fi and they wouldn't get that profit.

      They don't force that any more. You can take cash at 80% of the full amount.

    Hamburglar pic made me snort my white wine.

      Don't worry, you can get the stain out with red wine.

    Hahahahahaha. You cant see how store credit might be advantaheous for EB sales?

    Similar thing happened to me. Had a guy want to return a game for cash he claimed to buy from my store, but didn't have a receipt, so he decided to trade it for store credit instead. An hour or so later, we recieved an email from our head office with photos from our secuity cameras of a guy who had just stolen a game from another one of our stores. I recognised him straight away and contacted my head office. Boom!

      Is there really that much incentive to be a snitch? It's like those people who are paid like $15 an hour at some electronics store and turn a blind eye to fraud. Trust me, it happens.

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