Mark Zuckerberg's Unintentional Cameo In A Chinese Cop Documentary

Facebook honcho and newly married dude Mark Zuckerberg might be dealing with Facebook stock headaches, but he can take solace in one thing: If his social media business goes south, he can always get unpaid work as an extra in Chinese documentaries. Unpaid? Oh, right, never mind!

While visiting Shanghai this past March, Zuckerberg and his then girlfriend (and now wife) Priscilla Chan were filmed as they walked behind Chinese cops on the street. A kwinky-dink!

Zuckerberg, of course, was wearing his trademark hoodie.

You can watch some of the documentary, which is heavy on slow motion explosions and light on 28-year-old billionaires, in the link below.

Mark Zuckerberg Appears in CCTV Police Documentary [ChinaSmack]


    looks like his laughing it up fuzz ball

    I reckon He's thinking "In the time it took me to laugh at you poor working sods I earned more than you do in a year just standing here" or something like that.Evil prick, I saw that movie.

      He wasn't evil! The best friend wrote the movie, it was bias as fuck. The friend was crap, he went overseas for a year to look for sponsors and found nothing, of course they wanted to cut him out of the deal. All he did was whine and accomplish nothing, and then he wrote an angry movie about it.

      If it was an unbiased documentary, then I'd be fine. But it wasn't, and I think it portrayed him in a really negative light because his friend was angry.

    yeah i think hes abit evil selling facebook info to the highest bidder

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