Marvel Heroes' First Gameplay Trailer Features Wolverine, Black Widow And Deadpool

After a long time fighting secret development wars, Gazillion Entertainment is finally letting the world look at the massive multiplayer online game featuring dozens — maybe even hundreds — of Marvel Comics characters.

This quick teaser packs in a few Avengers, a couple of mutants and two of Marvel's biggest bad guys. Marvel Heroes has a storyline that will touch on epic arcs from the fictional universe, written by superstar scribe Brian Michael Bendis. The free-to-play PC game should be out some time soon.


    The fact that I saw Colossus and Scarlet Witch hopefully means they're going to include more not-well-known-to-the-masses comic book characters like Songbird and Domino.

    Marvel has a buttload of unknown / not familar characters ... but i can only see this may turn into DC online (going F2p very quickly) but i will still look into it being a Marvel man myself.

    Nevermind, should have read the articule clear (it already says free to play). (looks like Marvel Ulitamte alliance)

    Soo its like Diablo? But online? So like Diablo? I am confused

    Now if it has loot like Diablo as well that would be awesome. though not sure how it could work. Either way looks good.

      Lots of marvel games have loot. They never really made sense but I did enjoy my fancy belts.

    Deadpool for a split second, free to play? where do I sign!

    This looks just like MUA - which I loved. ign me up.

    Will Deadpool acknowledge that he's in a game? And make snarky comments about your skill?

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