Mass Effect's LEGO Mako Looks Easier To Drive

Complaints about certain parts of Mass Effect 3 may be more contemporary, but let's not forget the first game had a more serious problem: the Mako tank drove like shit on wheels.

Which presented me with a problem, because I loved to look at it, but hated to drive it. Yet I had to do both!

It's a problem LEGO Mako tanks easily get past, as aside from building it in the first place, I've then just got to look at it. Then, when nobody is around, I get to drive it how I think it should drive, not how BioWare thinks it should drive.

Mass Effect Mako and mini SSV Normandy SR-2 [LEGO Cusoo]


    I don't know why everyone complains about the Mako so much. I thought exploring planets with it was great fun. I was really disappointed when they dumped it for that lame scanning business.


      I spent hours in the Mako and enjoyed every single second.

      I didn't mind the way the Mako handled, but I wasn't particularly attached to exploring and collecting. Maybe because I always forgot to save and ended up having to go through the motions of revisiting each point of interest, until I eventually gave up on it. I liked having to drive to each side mission location though.

      In contrast, I didn't like the Hammerhead at all, because it was just a vehicle section for its own sake.

    Oh look, the Mako hate bandwagon rolled into town.

    The Mako was fine, it's the level design that deserved hate. But I guess sensationalist articles must not touch facts and reality even with a ten foot pole.

    Sensationalist article?

    It was the physics that were annoying, like jumping and the fact you could fall off the edge of stuff really easily.

    Really enjoyed the Mako, sad it got canned. They should've worked to improve it rather than just cut it. I miss exploring planets.

    hate the me1 mako?

    fucking die....

    I liked the mako 'cause it behaved like a vehicle would in weird low gravity. Had to learn how to drive it. What would really have made it was different gravity on different planets/moons that affected charachters on foot too.

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