Max Payne 2 Firing Blanks On Xbox Live

Now that Max Payne 3's out, maybe you figured you'd catch up with Max Payne's drug-addled life by playing through the character's previous games. A great thought!

But reports are coming in that users aren't able to fully download and play the Xbox Live version of Max Payne 2 after purchasing it. The problem for some seems to be a download that sets stuck at 99 per cent. Here at Kotaku headquarters, several attempts to download the full game went exceptionally slowly despite a very robust internet connection. Apparently, Microsoft are refunding the purchases for dissatisfied customers if they contact customer support over the phone.

Now, you don't really need to play Max Payne 2 to fully enjoy Max Payne 3. But if you want to do so on Xbox, it seems you're out of luck right now. Kotaku has reached out to Microsoft for comment and will update this story as needed.

[Thanks Thomas!]


    I remember buying Burnout 3 from XBL marketplace ages ago. I tired to download it but it would either have download errors, or finish downloading and would put the game file in the system items area (where the stuff like the cloud storage local copy is stored); and it would just say it was corrupt and i could never play it.

    My point? I am not surprised the Xbox Originals section still has issues.......and also that i still can't play the game i payed for AGES ago lol (back when we had the blade dash kind of ages ago).

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