Max Payne 3 Has Broken Street Date

Despite the fact that Max Payne 3's official release date is May 18, all EB and JB Hi-Fi stores are now selling the game today, a day early.

Last night we received a tip stating that EB had sent out text messages to customers with pre-orders, inviting them to pick up their copy of the game on May 17, despite the official release date of May 18.

We made a quick call round to a number of local stores, and everyone was happy to inform us that, yes, they are selling Max Payne 3.

We made a quick call to Rockstar Australia, who confirmed the official release date is still May 18, so we're not too sure what's going on at the moment but, bottom line, everyone is now selling Max Payne 3 a day early. So if you want a copy, go and get it!


    Odd. Rockstar games are about the only ones left that hold street dates.

      It's not the publishers, it's the moronic retail staff that break street dates. Once one store does it, pretty much every other place has free reign as well, as it would be an unfair advantage if just one store broke the date but the others still weren't allowed.

        I can confirm right now that EB had permission from the distributor to sell it. I assume JB did as well.

          Thanks for confirmation

          I guess it's not really 'broken' then.

          Typically it's either idiots at the stores getting their dates mixed up or the higher ups making a decision to pony up the fine just to be the first to sell copies. I think it was Kmart broke the date for FF13 and were fined (a measly amount) and banned from selling any games from SquareEnix for a month or two, not exactly a brutal punishment.

            I'm not sure what constitutes an "idiot" these days nor am I (or you, probably) entirely sure it's "typically" idiots in the stores that break the date. From my experience working in the games department at JB and management at the dastardly EB (I have since moved on thankfully) I have never heard of a date been broken by simply "idiot" staff. In fact, in rare occurrences that an idiot did break the date, we've called head office at both stores for instruction and flat-out been told that they don't break date unless it's a company-wide decision of the competitors. But yes, Richard is right, EB had instruction to sell on the 17th over a week ago. I didn't even realize 18th was the official date til yesterday.

      The other day a Blizzard game held it to the minute. The guys in EB wouldn't even get the boxes out until 9am, despite opening at 8am. Then the servers didn't go live for ages.

    I got a text yesterday afternoon telling me that I can collect my copy today, shame I won't be able to collect it until tomorrow :( oh well there's at least Diablo 3 to play :)

      How are you going to dedicate enough time to both d3 and max payne??? You sir are a machine! ;)

        MP3 is a quck 10hr romp - perfect for taking a break from D3.

        I too got the text from EB yesterday confirming the release today.

    I spilt my morning coffee everywhere the minute I went got to work....need to go get another.....and ill duck in & grab a copy of Max Payne while im at it:)

    I never intended to get Max Payne on release, but this makes me very happy.

    playing d 3 but thinking this will bee more fun.
    but first, the shsme pile

    Its a shame that the PC version doesn't come out for another fortnight.

      This. Would have been better if the PC version broke on May 18.

    I got the text from EB last night and confirmed by phone today. I'll be picking up my copy at lunchtime!

    I told you guys this yesterday it was on their twitter at 1:40 PM!/lomantik/status/202601422842380288

    Much as I love street date breaks, I'm a bit over Australian retailers doing it everytime a major new release comes along.

      Yeah me too. I hate being able to play games I've been really looking forward to earlier than expected. Damn JB HIFI & thier flouting of street dates, damn them to hell.

    GOD DAMMIT i pre ordered online from Ozgameshop i knew i shouldnt have i've got 80$ JB gift card could have went shop today and got it

    The Eb site has said the 17th for ages.

      Nope, even last night it was still the 18th

        Well that would of been a awkward moment

    Haha. EB pays money for an early release and everyone just assumes it's a street date break and starts selling it. Backfired on them a little.

    Well that's good, since it was moronic for the game to be released on a Friday to meet European release scheduling, rather than the Thursday Australasian schedule.

    Wait, what? I thought today was the official release day. It's on a Thursday, like the majority of releases.

    If they wanted to break street date then why didn't they just do that on Monday when they had the games in stock?

    Of course they broke it, I mean, who the hell releases a game on a Friday anyway?

      It's a Rockstar thing, in general we have Thursday releases, but Take 2 have released LA Noire and Red Dead on Fridays in the past.

    I swear a week ago eva had the launch date a the 15th

    I swear a week ago eB had the launch date a the 15th

    Oh this is great, and my copy that I've paid for from JB hasn't even left their warehouse. I was hoping to play this weekend, but I guess not.

    But... but the poor gaming industry! I don't think she can take another broken street date!

    Price match big w for $68, thank

    It's a common thing for street dates to get broken, and generally it's down to other retailers with staff who don't know about how seriously publishers and distributors take these things. There was a particular employee at the Big W down from my old EB who broke like four street dates in two weeks last year - we bought copies from them with cash from the till, returned them at our store, then faxed the receipts off to head office and voila - broken street date. The Big W employee was fired, by the way.

      Oh, you got someone fired. Nice guy.

    Just picked my copy up, the Collectors edition.. the box is bloody gigantic!!!

    Got my Big W price matched copy from EB today for $68 :)

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