Max Payne Wants You To Stop Indulging In Self-Reflection And Hurry Up Already

If you're planning on picking up Max Payne 3 when it releases tomorrow, Max will be urging you to hurry the hell up while playing the game. Sometimes it's to give you clues as to where to go next. Other times he just wants you to get on with it.

This is no time to be lingering in the VIP lounge of the club. There are people to burst out of the back of vans, and others to save from being thrown off balconies.



    "If you’re planning on picking up Max Payne 3 when it releases tomorrow" sadly no thanks to some stupid pc release date and also is that the original actors voice?

      they also screw pc gamers by stopping preorder bonus same day console release so we cant "try b4 we buy"...

      It is the original actor's voice, though it does sound a little more forced for some reason.

      In the original games he sounded a weary, here he sounds like he's trying to be more gruff and aggressive.

        The character/writing/direction this time around are quite different from the first two games, so it makes sense that the voice actor would be portraying the character differently too. He was probably instructed to sound more gruff and aggressive as opposed to self-reflective and somber.

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