May The Fourth Be With You (And Cheap Star Wars Games)

You know what day it is, right? Man, I can't wait for all of my social media feeds to explode with cheeky chappies saying "May the Fourth be with you." That's going to be so hilariously original, right? [/patronising sarcasm]. The one good thing to come from such shenanigans is this: cheap Star Wars games.

There's only one catch — you have to buy the games from Aspyr, which does Mac games exclusively. I use a MacBook Pro as my laptop, so I'm totally cool with that, but I'm sure there's a handful of you shaking your collective heads vigorously right now!

Regardless, this is a pretty cool deal — for today only all Star Wars games on the site are $7.99. That includes Star Wars: The Old Republic which you should play if you haven't already.

Have at it, here are some of the games available...

Star Wars®: Battlefront™ Star Wars®: Empire at War™ Star Wars®: Jedi Knight® Gold Pack Star Wars®: Jedi Knight® II: Jedi Outcast™ Star Wars®: Jedi Knight®: Jedi Academy™ Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic® Star Wars®: The Force Unleashed™: Ultimate Sith Edition


    I still remember the totally broken combos of Jedi Outcast.
    Fun times.

    I've had my eyes on these Mac ports for ages. Gimme.

    Oh yay, Mac Ports of really really really old games. That's such a good deal!

    If you haven't played these by now, you're probably never going to.

    In better cheap gaming news - Arkham City is $15 on Steam!

      Or you can get both batman games and the DLC in a bundle for $30. I have them on PS3 but none of the DLC, and I did just upgrade my PC so the games would look prettier... hmmmm * strokes beard thoughtfully *

        Damn right. I was waiting for AC again to drop down to 40 on 360 as I traded it in after a week on 360 then regretted it... this is the deal of a lifetime for me :D

      Or Max Payne 3 for $40 from Game UK Download

        Just remember Max Payne 3 is 35GCB's big, it would eat a large part of my D/L allowance.

    Of all of them, I highly recommend getting Knights of the Old Republic.

    Why is there never KOTOR 2 listed in specials.

      I don't think KOTOR 2 is available digitally from anywhere.

    These are not the deals you are looking for.

    "There’s only one catch — you have to buy the games from Aspyr, which does Mac games exclusively."

    And I thought the company I worked for was becoming redundant...

    I don't see the deals on, their blog or even their digital store. There is no link to the source in this post either. Where are they?

    - starved mac gamer

      Mark, you'll probably need to wait til May 4th over *there*...

    JB are doing The Old Republic on PC for $34 for the weekend, might pick that up.

    Whoa! I was stuck with nothing to do tonight, so I popped into the app store and saw KOTOR cheap, so I grabbed it. Didn't even make the connection to the date today.

    Now, if only this internet connection would go faster...

    “There’s only one catch — you have to buy the games from Aspyr, which does Mac games exclusively.”

    Oh you bait and switch. I will come for you. I AM THE NIGHT.

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