Maybe The PlayStation Orbis Will Play Used Games After All

Maybe The PlayStation Orbis Will Play Used Games After All

Used games: you love them, need them and want to marry them. Publishers and developers blame the second-hand market for lack of innovation, saying the money they don’t see from used games would let them be more creative.

Reports that the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft wouldn’t support pre-owned games only fuelled this fiery debate even more. Well, love-him-or-hate-him financial analyst Michael Pachter asked PlayStation US CEO Jack Tretton his feelings on used games were and Tretton said that he personally has no problem with them.

You can see Pachter talk about that conversation on GameTrailers’ Bonus Round. At about the 1:52 mark, he says Tretton believes such a move would be “anti-consumer”. However, PlayStation’s marching orders come from Japan, and according to Pachter, Tretton says that the mothership may think differently about this issue. So, a glimmer of hope if you want PlayStation Orbis to be kinder to your wallet.

Sony E3 2012 Preview – Episode 605 [GameTrailers]


  • honestly, Australia needs to pay more for game trade ins for this to be close to a useful service. in Japan you can get 1000s if yen on a return. here you get like $10. its an insult.

    • But we have no shortage of 2nd hand games to buy when places like EB still charge so much for them though.

    • and now with GAME out of the picture (likely), that is one less store EB have to compete with on the trade in front, they can likely get away with even lower trade in values in the future.

  • eh… and it will be based on pc-ish hardware last I heard…
    I’t is quickly getting to the point where the ~only~ things keeping the console market alive is:
    a) Publishers whanting new horrible DRM because piracy is destroying them (I don;t agree but they are entitled to their beliefs)
    b) exclusives
    c) Steams Big Screen Mode is not yet released.

    Let’s be honest once steam releases their “Big Screen Mode” all you need to do is have steam open in the new mode on bootup and put a small pc in the living room.. then the console market should be truely worried…

    • I am eagerly waiting Big Screen Mode. It doesn’t even take a beefy computer to run the bulk of games on Steam at a higher quality than what the consoles can churn out. Hopefully the Big Screen Mode will mean that they update their Valve games to be even more controller friendly (it isn’t a huge poo-poo, but you still have to enable gamepad support in the game before it will recognise them).

      • I’m less eager for it.

        While I appreciate the idea behind it, I’m not too interested in having an overpriced computer plugged into my TV that I need to upgrade components in every year.

        At least consoles have locked hardware for their lifespan, which means any game that comes out will run on it, and developers know exactly what architecture they need to develop for.

        If a SteamBox doesn’t allow upgrading, then it’s simply a console-esque PC that cannot play new PC games three years after launch at max settings; I doubt PC developers will willingly hobble themselves by having a base line PC performance decided by Valve if it will compromise their PC project.

        If it does allow upgrading, then anyone who can’t afford to upgrade regularly will be sitting on an overpriced, outdated PC.

        Consoles are at least consistent, and developers become more adept at milking performance and quality out of the systems as the years go on.

      • Also, as a side note re: controllers.

        A common complaint surrounding PC games is “consolised rubbish” or a lack of verbose control schemes.

        If the SteamBox goes down the path of controller-based PC games, then it’ll only work if developers design their PC games with console-like controls and UIs in mind. Again, if they chose to do this, they’re pretty much destroying the advanced nature of a PC interface. I doubt you’ll see many go down that route; combined with the other issues, if they wanted to design for a console, they’ll design for a mainstream console.

  • At this point, it’s cheaper to buy new from the UK than it is to buy second hand here. I’d only get a used game from EB/JB if it’s out of print, and even then I’d probaly look to ebay first…

  • Why did Sony decide to codename the PS4 after the Roman army’s formation of last resort where they would gather in one big mass to maximise casualties before they were all cut down. They seem optimistic.

    • Firstly it means ring or circle. It does not mean roman army formation. The romans used it as a word to describe it.
      Secondly it is a codeword…..

  • This is the only industry where the developer / distributor is concerned about their product being sold by the legal owner after he / she has purchased it.
    Imagine you buy a car and after a few months you decide it wasn’t right for you so you then decide to sell it, now maker of Brand X car shows up and demands a cut from your sale.

    You would simply tell them to jump in a lake.
    This is just insane what about the similar movie industry? Are DVD / Bluray distributors making the same claims?

    Which is why the price of games should be lowered to about the same as Bluray, this way people could buy about two games for the price of one, buying a third game at a lower price is much more possible.
    This also attracts new people therefore it expands the market.

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