Men In Black 3 And The Art Of Stealing Precious Analog Chinese Technology

While the Communist government neuralyzes Men in Black 3, a Chinese gadget site iGeek is claiming that the futuristic Men in Black 3 is copying a Chinese invention.

"MIB3 nakedly ripped off our country's patented technology," iGeek said via a Chinese social networking site.

Described as "an exquisite specimen of Chinese workmanship", the colourful analogue bike was discovered back in 2007 in Qingdao, and it's stamped with the following phrase in Chinese: "Patented Product. Unique in the World."

By unique in the world, perhaps the invented means existing outside of China since the 19th century. That explains how this Chinese inventor got this monowheel: TIME TRAVEL.

Men in Black III Steals Chinese Technology? [Tea Leaf Nation]


    Unless I'm mistaken the concept and design of these bikes have been around for a long time, a design I'm pretty sure I've seen in old sepia photos even.

      you stole my reply, i was gonna say that!!!

    The Chinese 'invention' is OBVIOUSLY a copy of Mr Garrison's bike in South Park.

      I came here to say exactly this.

    yah but South Park got the ideas from Anime Steamboy

      Would hate to see the part in Steam Boy where the two cocks on the bike shot out steam, frying the poor bastard riding it...

    It's China, they copy everything, I've seen tons of monowheel bikes in Sci-Fi art over the years, and Steam Punk. Some dating back to the 1800s.

    -Complaining about "stolen technology."

    Someone help, I can't stop laughing.

      Yeah let's just clump all the intellectual thieves and law abiding citizens into a clump known as the "Chinese" and then generalise on their practices.

        It's a pretty accurate generalisation though, China is the worse country when it comes to copyright infringment. From the individuals, to the businesses, to the government, copyright infringment is rife.

          Implying that China is the worst for copyright infringement
          Implying the entire internet doesn't survive on copyright infringment
          Implying China is even connected properly to the world wide web.

    Can a movie even breach a patent? Unless someone wants to continue the stupid idea that a depiction of something is as illegal as the actual act.

    Psh, the Care Bears were riding around on these ages ago.

    the irony of this article is that china, the kings of copyright infringement, is actually accusing someone for copyright..... where do we start? iphones, laptops, games consoles, shoes, jumpers, hats, watches.....ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

    God, imagine how ape shit they'd get if they found out a japanese manga (Gantz) has a bike like that -__- "First our language, now our bikes!!!1"

    I think some american professor built one of those ages ago to show purely that it was a stupid idea. In that you can't brake at all.

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