Metal Gear Rising's Title Screen Is Better Than All Those Live Action Trailers Combined

Technically a video game title screen is not news, but considering the fact all we've seen of Metal Gear Rising in the last couple of months is a set of mostly terrible live action trailers, it's good to be reminded that a video game actually exists, and it looks quite swish.

It's kind of ridiculous that Konami actually put video of a bloody title screen on its youtube page, but I actually really love the aesthetic of Metal Gear Rising's title screen, and I love the way the camera sort of shifts around.

I just wish someone would press start.

Via Neogaf


    Reminds me of the Tribes:Ascend title/login/everything that's not playing the game screen

    What's with the news page thumbnail for this article?

      Agreed, I thought that was the title screen before I clicked into here!


    I see no mention of the word "Revengeance" in your post.
    I am disappoint.

    Pure awesome. Finally Raiden gets back at the naysayers of his performance in MGS2.

    soooooooo disappointed he handed it off to someone else..

      I'm just glad that if it was anyone, it was Platinum.

      Kojima actually had next to nothing to do with the development of Rising pre-Platinum Games. It was a secondary project by a bunch of juniors who developed some cool tech (in the way of the 'cut anything' angle), but failed to build a working game around it. Kojima was ready to cancel it before deciding to bring in Platinum Games. So really, it was either have the game cancelled, or have a team come in to complete the game who have had years and years of experience with the genre.

      There's a really interesting retrospective on the whole situation here that I think is well worth a watch:

    That is pretty spesh.

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