Minecraft Creator Tells Microsoft: 'I Love Working With You!'

If we are going to tell you about when one of the most influential game developers in the world calls one big video game company a ‘bunch of cynical bastards', (presumably due to them labelling a bundle of games they published as "indie") we ought to tell you about a company he likes, too.

"Hey, Microsoft!" Minecraft maker Markus "Notch" Persson tweeted yesterday, "You might be a big and scary American company that likes secrets and meetings and such, but I love working with you! <3."

He Tweeted that on the launch day for the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft, a game he says today has sold so well that it was "profitable in an hour."

Notch's Twitter


    Do we really need to report every time Notch says he does or doesn't like something?


      I read stories like this as Kotaku going ''HEY! THIS IS A THING!''

      That's old news. Why do you think Valve put hats in TF2? That's right, Notch.

    Notch says something. People report it.

    Notch takes a shit. People report it.

    Notch this one up to who gives a toss...

    Someone saying something positive about working with Microsoft is a change.

    Pretty much any professional game developer will tell you microsoft are awesome.
    Indie game developers on the other hand...

    Of course he likes Microsoft, they're helping him get money.

    He'd like EA too if they helped him get money.

    What a lick ass

      Guy calls a large games company out for perceived negative business practices? "Greatest person ever!"
      Guy praises another large games company for perceived positive business practices? "What a lick ass."

    Notch is a sexual intercourse intellectual form of intellectual humor

    Hey Notch. Buy a new hat!

      How 'bout a sombrero?

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