Minecraft On Xbox 360 Has Sold More Than One Million Copies

Minecraft On Xbox 360 Has Sold More Than One Million Copies

Last week, we were unable to get clear sales figures, but today Xbox’s Major Nelson announced Minecraft has sold more than one million copies in its first week on Xbox Live. That’s a lot of crafting.


  • Considering how long this game has been in development and how long they have been coding the game for Xbox I am seriously dissapointed at the amout of bugs.

    1: Xbox freezes occasionally when saving game. Game doesn’t get saved and I lost about 4 hours of hard work last night.
    2: Water not being able to be taken/put down in some chunks. Really annoying when you’re trying to build a farm.
    3: Lighting bugs.
    4: Statistics. Hell of a lot of things i’ve farmed/mined/killed that simply will not show up on the stats/leaderboard.
    5: The silly bed glitch still happens with the monster spawning next to you in your sleep.
    6: At certain angles/positions mobs do not take any damage.

    I seriously expected a more polished final build.

    • Really? I haven’t had any issues? A few lighting bugs, but they resolve themselves quickly and don’t break anything.

    • I agree. I love it mostly, but it does seem only 95% finished. A bit disappointing. I hope they get onto finishing it quick, especially considering how successful it’s been.

    • God I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing that water glitch. I was trying to make a “hanging garden” type of farm because I’m sick of animals trampling my wheat, but the water just disappears from the trough.

      • I got around the problem by ‘extending’ a lake/pond a bit and adding some dirt runs into that… also, run a fence around it with a door to keep out the animals.

    • well thats nice and all…

      but were you a pre-release buyer of minecraft for pc and did you complain about these issues?

      you gotta remember, this is a port from a java based game, on a completly different architecture – and it is also based on an older minecraft build which has always had bugs in it

      you can complain sure… but just like the pc version, this will get updates – your complaint seems fairly baseless if you are comparing it to a buggy pc version

      • Ditto to what McGarnical said.

        I played MC on PC from beta. I’m not comparing it to a buggy PC version, but when they found fixes for those bugs I expect those fixes to be implemented into the game code for this build.

    • 1. Easy fix, just save the game (DO NOT press “exit and save”) and then after saving go exit. Works every time.
      2. Haven’t noticed this one yet
      3. Haven’t really noticed this either
      4. Make sure you check through all of the difficulties, there have been many times where I have accidentally been playing/looking at the wrong difficulty. Other than that I haven’t noticed anything weird.
      5. You need more torches/doors, the monsters will attack you at night if it’s too dark or there is any way they can get into your house (open doors, hole in the wall, etc.)
      6. This doesn’t seem to happen much on mine.

  • No it is not a finish game as some people pointed up above. The xbox version is still in Beta and this can be clarified through numerous sources, and the obvious fact that it is in 1.6.6. Give it time it is still fun and has the potential to be as good as the pc.

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