Mounted Combat Arrives In Skyrim

Your Skyrim horse is now good for something other than getting accidentally killed in the heat of battle. Update 1.6, available today on PC, adds the ability for players to charge into battle on their faithful steed.

By opting into the latest Steam Beta Update, players can check out the new mounted combat feature in Skyrim right now, with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players getting their chance in the near future.

Mounted combat was teased in the Skyrim game jam video shown at D.I.C.E. 2012. What other Jam dream features could be in the works?

Mounted Combat arrives in latest Skyrim Update [Bethesda Blog]


    Finally, it was just embarrassing having to ask the bandits or the bear it stop attacking you so you can calmly get off your horse.

    I'm actually quite happy I haven't gotten around to play Skyrim yet, because when I finally do it's going to be full of all this extra awesome stuff :)

      Yeah, same here.

      Eagerly awaiting the GOTY edition.

        lol. Don't think a GOTY will be out for this for a while. The GOTY is only really needed if they have DLC and stuff, but TBH, you don't need the DLC. There is so much in the game.

    Ridiculous it wasn't included to begin with.

      Not really. The game is not about mounted combat, so it is not actully needed. Its cool to have, but it will be interesting to see how it is in practise.

      Hardly. It doesn't have any scenarios where it is remotely necessary, and frankly, it will put you at a disadvantage because horses are awesome fighters. Its very much a 'nice to have'.

    Oh no!
    Oh noooooooo!

    My horse is going to need armour for this!
    Man, we need, like, horse armour DLC or something.

    I just want them to put a marker on the map for my follower and horse. Hadn't touched it for a couple of weeks and now cant find them :(

      There's a mod for that you know. ;)

    Can anyone recommend a mod that 'fixes' your followers. I had to leave Lydia at home because she can't carry anything I give her - like her weights been exceeded even though she's got nothing.

    I wish I knew where my Shadowmere was.

    He disappeared a long time ago. :(

      It probably died lol
      Apparently shadowmere respawns after a while back at the dark brotherhood sanctuary after I think 20 or so day cycles? I'm pretty sure it said something like that on the skyrim wiki site

      If your on PC, you can use the console. It was how I found and revived Lydias corpse.

    I wish i could figure out why I hate Skyrim :-(

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