Mum And Dad Of Game Developer Imprisoned In Iran Plead For Mercy

The parents of American citizen Amir Hekmati haven't heard much about their son in March, when the Iranian government overturned the accused spy's death sentence and ordered a retrial. He presumably remains imprisoned in Iran.

Hekmati's parents recently recorded this video, trying to humanise their son and weeping for his return. There's nothing happy here; just the sad stress of parents terrified for their son. It's a reminder that Hekmati's fate remains in the hands of the Iranian government.

Hekmati's parents and the US government have denied that Hekmati was a spy. The Iranian government, however, has even labelled work Hekmati did to help develop software for war video game company Kuma Games as proof that he was trying to help topple the Iranian regime.

First interview with the Family []


    Still reporting this entirely as a one sided affair? A lesson in journalism for you then; International affairs are rarely what they seem, especially when relating to allegations of espionage. You're talking about a country that has a concerted campaign of terrorism against it ... whether right or wrong ... led by 2 prominent international espionage agences, one of which it's proven that this guy worked for. Chances are this guy isn't a spy. Chances are this is just Iranian paranoia but you have to be a little bit more neutral and thorough when covering life or death matters like this, in case you just become a hollow propaganda mouthpiece.

      This article isnt one sided at all. Its merely stating X. Its not saying OMG IRAN INHUMANE NOOBS.

    @SenorFreebie: the guy's imprisoned for working on a video game.

    Still wanking on about how Kotaku has to be neutral? Here's a lesson for you: the guy's imprisoned for working on a video game.

    That's it. It's a massive injustice.

    You're a douche.

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