'My Boat Is Fly,' Says Battlefield 3's Rocket-Boat Pilot. And Yes, It Is.

The YouTube user Birgirpall has a reputation for C4-induced antics in Battlefield 3, and that's what's going on here — a series of rocket-jumps on a Zodiac boat, launching the craft where no boat has gone before, or would be expected to be seen.

This video carries the obligatory "I'm On A Boat," by The Lonely Island feat. T-Pain, which has NSFW language, but it does open with a sweet monologue from Community

This is How You Fly a Boat in Battlefield 3 [Ripten]


    lol nice. its stuff like this that kinda makes me want to play BF3 again.

    Laughed more at the memories of the first season of Community.

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