Naruto Inspires Polish Lady To Kick Shogi Ass

Shogi. It's typically called "Japanese chess". And like chess, it's a board game of strategy — and smarts. To get good, you must spend years playing and studying.

Polish college student Karolina Styczynska did that on the internet after reading a manga.

The 20 year-old Styczynska first discovered shogi about four years ago while reading a ninja manga Naruto. One of the characters was playing the ancient board game. Intrigued, she studied up on the game and began playing online and reaching the shogi rank of 4-dan.

Recently, she was invited to play a 3-dan pro, female player Sachiko Takamure. Styczynska defeated Takamure, making her the first foreign amature to beat a shogi pro.

During the tournament, Styczynska lost to Ryoko Chiba, a female 4-dan player and, thus, did not advance to the next round. Blame bad jutsu.

One of the great things about Japanese manga and anime is that they open up a new world. For Styczynska, it was shogi.

Read here for more about Naruto and shogi.

Polish amateur first to beat professional shogi player [Asahi]

(Top photo: Shinya Murase | Asahi)


    Being Japanese, I grew up on playing shogi. My dad said I was too stupid to learn "go", so he never bothered to teach me "go". Shogi is a great game:
    - you get to re-deploy any captured pieces anywhere on the board, making checkmates a lot harder. you basically have to surround the enemy king on the touching squares
    - each piece becomes something else when it reaches the other side, sort of like pawns becoming queens in western chess. But instead of turning to a queen, it will be different for each piece, by flipping the piece over, it has red writing on the underside (black on normal side)

    Armature is not amateur.

      You're right, but spelling amateur as "amature" is amateur.

    Yeah shogi is pure awesome.
    Western chess sucks.

    I've always been meaning to play Shogi, but I ended up getting into Go after reading Hikaru no Go and found the concept appealed to me more than an alternate style of chess. I'm nowhere near Karolina's level though.

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