Nearly 23 Million Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Matches, And Yet The Reapers Just Keep Coming

A scant two weeks after Mass Effect 3 launched, BioWare shared some stats about how the galaxy of multiplayer reaper-killing fared. Now, two months later, they're back with an update.

It seems I'm not the only one who keeps coming back for more, as close to 23 million matches have been completed so far, and nearly a fifth of players share my preference for playing Infiltrator.

But what hasn't changed? Firebase White (Noveria, the icy one) remains the map of choice a full third of the time. Even though Firebase Hydra is about a million times more fun.

Of course, this weekend's event has players on the hunt for Banshees, so I expect that the rough 46% success percentage might see a bit of a dip. Damn, I hate those things.

Operation Silencer [BioWare Blog]


    So is this worth coming back to play a bit more of? I haven't touched multiplayer since I finished the single player campaign

      Absolutely, it's a lot of fun and frankly I needed a break from ompetitive versus multipalyer. ME3 mixes it up a bit compared to similar 'horde' modes in Gears and Halo so it's stayed interesting.

    I should get around to playing the multiplayer mode...

    Would love it even more if the equipment packs would actually give you what you want, instead of unlocking "Useless SMG " four times in a row! Still haven't been able to get a damn Geth or Asari Justicar!

      Damn that sucks! The Justicar and the Geth Engineer are both pretty fun to play. Although using Hunter mode can be a bit disorienting sometimes.

    I really like the multiplayer for ME3 but my only beef is that 1 out of 5 times the match just crashes in the lobby or (most annoyingly) halfway through a round.
    Other than that its alot of fun.

      I haven't had any crashes at all while playing it. In fact I'd go as far as to say it runs well - taking into account of course how pointless the multiplayer is.

    There are six classes, so an even spread of class distribution would predict 16.67% of people to play as infiltrator. Instead, "almost a fifth" (ie <20%) play as infiltrator.

    Wow! Stats blowout.

    I've really been enjoying it, even started to Promote some characters. I'm just wishing I could get some higher level weapons a bit more quickly. Sure some things have gained quite a few levels but they're weapons I never use :/

    It's really fun playing the different classes and races though.

    I haven't played MP for a while. This will definitely be on my list of things to do this weekend though.

    The time I've spent with the MP of this game has actually been quite positive overall. My only gripes are that you can't control how things unlock, and sometimes in Bronze difficulty (I'm still a noob) it almost seems as if your team mates are cheating, since they just smash things before you can make any impact.

    But yeah, will def try get on this weekend.

      On a side note, who here plays MP for this on the PS3? Look me up if you like and let me know you're on Kotaku. Would be good to team up with locals for once!

      It is highly dependant on what you play as though. Playing Vanguard lets you charge right into the battle and make kills quicker. Playing infiltrator means long weapon reload times and each miss is costly. on top of that there could be lag depending on who hosts the game.

      Anyone here playing on PC though? Hoping to play with some Austrlian players as the lag is really frustrating at times.

        True, I've noticed Vanguard spamming powers is quite strong. kinda boring as a team mate TBH.

        I've had a few games with Spanish and French speaking players. Seems like there aren't many of us locals playing if pairing with o/seas players is so frequent.

    I like the idea and execution of the team based 'horde/firefight' mode, especially with a good mixture of classes. i was actually surprised at how much fun it was.
    One question though: is there a way to purchase weapons/mods individually, or can you only pick up those lucky dip equipment packs? those things are frustrating...

      nope lolo enjoy randomness

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