Need For Speed: Most Wanted Is Confirmed

Not too much of a huge surprise, as Electronic Arts earlier this month told everyone it'd be publishing another Need For Speed title in the final three months of the year, and everyone figured that would be Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2. Yesterday, IGN reported that an EA E3 booth schedule being sent around confirms the game will be shown in Los Angeles.

It may not carry the '2' designation; it could be a reboot. But "Most Wanted" is in the title, according to IGN. As a consumer, that suits me fine. I greatly enjoyed the first one and still have a copy on the Xbox 360.

The franchise's street-racing line has had a choppy history: Most Wanted (2005) was good, Carbon (2006) was OK. Undercover (2008) was bad, Hot Pursuit (2010) was very good, The Run (2011) was bad. If the pattern holds, maybe we get a great Most Wanted. The name is enough to lure me back for a look — especially if it's playable at E3. We'll report back with whatever we find.

Expect EA to say something about this game on stage a week from tomorrow.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Outed by E3 Schedule [IGN]


    Best NFS ever!

    I wonder if Criterion are doing this one or if they're busy doing another Hot Pursuit or Burnout...

      Wikipedia seems to think they're making it

        yeah and that makes me sad... Burnout Paradise 2 is required! I honestly can't believe they haven't made a followup to the game yet.

          Im actually glad they haven't

          I'd hate to see burnout paradise 2 be a victim of a console generation change

          Bring it on for the next gen is my view

            Yeah, that way i can play it the whole of next gen like i did with paradise! I still put paradise in every now and again and get caught up in it :P

          this, they definitely need to do! ...and also would love to see Underground 3 made by Criterion! :D

    Also, Need for Speed The Run wasn't bad. It was just different. And it had some awesome set pieces.
    Anyway, this game better have Cross in it. :D

      I agree about The Run. I still play it a bit on PC these days.

      Must remember to pick up Most Wanted again at some point though, loved that when the 360 launched.

    I did enjoy Most Wanted, since UG2 was missing the cops aspect, however modifying super cars just isn't as exciting IMO.

    I think you're forgetting SHIFT and SHIFT2 which, IMHO, shouldn't even be called Need For Speed games. I was so disappointed with the first that I didn't even bother buying the second!

      He did specify street racing...the Shifts are track games really...

      Shift 2 was the biggest insult to track racing games I've ever played. It's mindblowingly bad.

        Shift 2 > gt5

    Most Wanted was great fun. The only thing I missed out 100% that title in was the hour long pursuit. I got to 57 minutes then got busted. Was most unhappy in my lack of skill.

      I was sooooooooo relieved and satisfied when I managed to get that one. My lambo looked so trashed and I was cornered in a football stadium but still managed to get the hour mark xD

    Man, I loved this game so much. Hope they actually support widescreen with this one. Also hope they dont screw it up!
    P.S: moar josie moran (or brooke burke :D)

    Bring on a new Underground. Never found supercars appealing in nfs.

    Bar the very first 2, (NFS underground and underground 2) Most Wanted was my prefered from the whole series.

    If they combine the elements of the first Most Wanted, with the remake of Hot Pursuit then i fail to see how they can go wrong. Hot pursuit was a lot of fun, but it had no customization, and the street racing career was lacking.

    Oh man Most Wanted was the best. I still have it on PS2 sitting there in my room!

    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "Ok here's Carbon." -meh
    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "Ok here's ProStreet" -not at all what nfs fans wanted.
    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "Ok here's Undercover" -seems like you're trying too hard.
    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "Ok here's Shift" -good way to divide the playerbase.
    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "Ok here's Hot Pursuit 2" -good, but it's not Most Wanted 2.
    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "Ok here's Shift 2" -who asked for this.
    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "Ok here's The Run." -this is not cannonball run!"
    "So what kind of NFS do you want to see next?"
    Most Wanted 2!
    "Ok here's Most Wanted 2" -finally!

    This is how long it takes for EA to get the message.

      And you just know that they don't get what people liked about MW and eff it up

    Anyone else remember getting the first one free in a deal at Pizza Hut? That's how I got it and it was easily my favourite NFS of them all.

      I do remember that deal! It was NFS and a few other EA titles they were giving away for free. I already had the games from it I would have wanted, so any time I got that deal, I'd ask friends if they wanted any of the games, and charge them a fiver for it.

    Imma let you all finish. But underground 2 was the best nfs of all time.


      Bah! Burn him! Most wanted was gem. ;-)

    sweetness. loved most wanted but i really liked how much customization underground 2 let you do. nitrous purge, hydraulics and even the speakers in the back lol.

    i hope they bring back the playset of underground

    I agree; Most Wanted was actually the first NFS I played, and I fell in love with it! Granted, I only had it on the PSP, but it was stellar regardless! Also, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CRITERION, MAKE A NEW BURNOUT GAME PLEASE!!!

    I never got why people love the Underground-era NFS games so much? The driving model is horrible, the graphics just as bad and the story mode races were pretty unimaginative. The NFS series peaked at Hot Pursuit 2, when it was about the latest fast, exciting cars rather than bolt on body kits and neons, the graphics decent and a very solid arcade driving model. Criterion's Hot Pursuit was a step in the right direction but not quite. Apart from the customisation gimmick which was rad in 2004 or whatever, Underground-era doesn't hold a candle to classic NFS as a racing game.

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