New Blade Runner Movie Is A Sequel, Features Same Writer & Director

While we've known for a while that Ridley Scott was working on a new Blade Runner movie, the project got a lot more exciting today with word that he'll be joined on the project by Hampton Fancher - who wrote the 1982 original - and that this will be a sequel.

I don't know which level of my consciousness is most excited about this: the movie buff, the sci-fi nerd, the design lover or the video game fan. I'll settle for all of the above.

No specific plot details were provided on the flick, which isn't expected to start filming until at least 2013, but a press release did mention it would be set "some years after the first film concluded", and "is intended to be a sequel to the renowned original".

For a look at some of the best games heavily inspired by Blade Runner, check out this Total Recall piece I did on the film's legacy last year.

Original BLADE RUNNER Screenwriter to Pen Sequel for Ridley Scott; Follow-Up Takes Place "Some Years" After First Film [Collider]


    Not videogame related... BUT WHO CARES THIS IS BRILLIANT NEWS

      Not entirely, there was a Blade Runner game and video games were mentioned in the article :P but yes brilliant news.

      i remember it because they used to advertise it and think it was diablo before the red alert games single player cinematic at the beginning.

    Call me cynical, say it's just 'cause it's Friday and I've had a shitty day but I can see no good coming from this.
    Whilst Blade Runner was an engaging and imaginative tour de force of science fiction (which still has me occassionally imagining Milla Jovovich shaped fembots), there resides within me a loathsome place, created of despair and crushed hopes, resplendant with the corpses of sci-fi ideas butchered by lesser directors who, worn like the socks puppets of Hollywood accountants have delivered banal cottage cheese flavoured visual enemas for many, many decades.

    I would love to believe that this movie will build on the heritage of it's antecedant and not be just a shameless attempt by a has-been director to cash in on a brandname and thereby furnish himself with wall to wall hookers for the foreseeable fututre.
    I really would. But that place whispers to me. The place with the crushed hopes. It's says ..... bullshit.

    .... and part of me listens.

      I'd feel as cynical as you if this was just another Hollywood remake, but when you've got the original director (and that director is someone like Ridley Scott) and writer involved, you'd think it at least has a chance not to be awful.

      At least, the 5th director's cut won't be. :P

    Cool but a couple of questions spring to mind. Firstly, will Harrison Ford be in it (if he will, then I assume this movie will be set at least 20 years after the first one, otherwise that's going to be really awkward) and secondly, exactly which 'Blade Runner' is it going to be a sequel to :P? Theatrical? Final Cut? Work Print :P?

      I hope its the directors cut (1992) but it looks like its gonna be the original

    I had a bit of a Harrison Ford marathon with some friends up in Brisbane a couple of years back. First we watched Iron Man, but then we watched all four Indy movies followed by Blade Runner.

    I came away from it thinking that Blade Runner was the worst movie I saw that night.

      You had a Harrison Ford marathon and watched Iron Man... and you didn't even like Blade Runner...

      What in the holy name of christ, sir?

      Wait, you saw Crystal Skull AND Iron Man, and you thought Blade Runner was the worst of the bunch?
      Oh dear...

      Which cut did you watch? :-P

        I thiiiiiiiiiiiink it was the Director's Cut. I only did standard English for the HSC, so I managed to avoid seeing/studying the shit out of it by then. But even though I hadn't had it ruined for me like that, the movie did absolutely nothing for me at all. It just felt like nothing really even happened for the whole however-long-it-was.

    Im intersted but wont this screw with the whole "Is he or isnt he a replica" at the end of the movie.

    It won't be a proper sequel if it doesn't have Vangelis doing the soundtrack.

      This. Blade Runner was one of those movies where you kind of felt like you were tripping out because of the music. I had to watch the movie at least 3 times to properly understand what was happening.

    I feel like the original didn't need a sequel. and By original I of course mean the 4-5 cuts (IIRC)... but yeah, another movie in that universe would be excellent.

    Wasn't it Phillip K Dick that wrote the story Bladerunner was based on? "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

      Oh, and also Total Recall - "We can remember it for you wholesale"...

        Yes but if you ever read it don't expect Blade Runner. It's just a short story that put some ideas out there and bares little resemblance to the movie.

      Yes. While not a 'great' story, it does have better characters and background story than the film did. It's actually very different. Worth a read, but don't expect much.

    I always like it when movies let the protagonist escape and run away and leave it open to how people picture the rest of the characters life. Pet peeve is when directors dont acknowledge this as a good thing and want to fill in the gaps.

    If they get Syd Mead to do the design work it could be amazing.

    Blade Runner - Great idea, poor execution. Over rated. People seem to fall in love with the world, rather than the bland story and characters.

      I think I fell in love with the opening shots. The city-scape is one of the most beautiful things put on film, and it's pretty much what I think about whenever I think of the movie.

      I also keep forgetting just how creepy-as-all-hell the relationship between Decker and Rachael is. Every time I watch it I think "holy crap, that's not love, it's rape" and hate him for the rest of the movie.

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