New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released

I have a little bit of a personal rule on Kotaku, if a trailer is released for a movie, which is totally not a video game, I’ll only post it if I think it’s important — if everyone who reads the site will be happier for having seen it posted on Kotaku Australia. There are very few movies that fall into that bracket, but I’m sure you’ll agree that The Dark Knight Rises falls is one of them.

So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

What do you guys and girls think?


  • Still not feelin’ it. I hope the movie is good, but I could care less about Bane as a villain. Maybe The Dark Knight has completely ruined future Batman movies for me.

    • Pet grammar hate:

      “I could care less”.

      It’s “I couldn’t care less”. Saying you could care less indicates you have a higher level of caring than nothing.


      • Maybe that’s *exactly* what he wanted to say, that he does have a higher level of caring than nothing, in regards to Bane as a villain.


    • I will remain cautiously optimistic. Before Begins, you could never have convinced me that Scarecrow and R’as would make decent movie villains… but it ended up being what I consider to be the single greatest superhero movie of all time.

    • I think the issue isn’t so much with Bane as the fact that Bane doesn’t seem like the kind of bad guy you’d end the Trilogy on.

      But then I can’t think of a Nolan flick that was absolute garbage so even if it’s not up there with The Dark Knight it should still be a decent flick

      • I couldn’t disagree more. Bane may not be one of the crazier characters in Batman’s rogues gallery (although that’s by virtue of pretty much everybody in there being batsh*t insane, no pun intended), but Bane has been one of the few characters to be able to physically dominate Batman in every way. A certain story dealing with Bane in the comics managed to change the status quo for Batman and the bat-crew dramatically (although I’m loathe to go into detail in case the film deals with a similar situation). And while Batman & Robin (*shudder*) painted Bane as a brutish B-grade villain/henchman and Arkham Asylum/City focused more on his brute strength, Bane is actually a fairly intelligent character in the comics.

          • Problem is Tom Hardy as Bane doesn’t look like Batman’s physical superior. Bane without his size/Venom is like The Joker without clown makeup. Sure, there are plenty of other great things about the character but if you take away the most striking visual feature, it takes away their impact. I do not believe Batman couldn’t kick seven shades of shit out of Tom Hardy. Bane doesn’t work in the Nolan universe.

          • While I agree with Tom Hardy’s physical structure not really matching up to Bane’s size in the comics, I think a more subdued Bane suits the Nolan universe perfectly. Nolan’s rendition of Gotham is also void of Joker dancing to Prince’s “Partyman” while vandalising a museum, Penguins in duck boats, an extremely over-the-top Edward Nigma and a pun-hurling Mr. Freeze. Those aspects have their place in the prior films, but not necessarily in Nolan’s Batman films. And that’s okay.

            The way I personally like to see the various renditions of Batman are as different retellings of the Batman mythos. Even amongst the Batman comics, there have been differing takes on who Batman is (“I’m the goddamn Batman!”, anyone?). A more subdued, ‘visceral’ Bane is something that could be quite interesting. And personally, while I’m not necessarily a fan of Nolan’s characterisation of Batman (I find Christian Bale as Batman to be the weakest part of Nolan’s series, ironically), I think he’s done a fantastic job with his renditions of Gotham’s villains.

  • Umm… Can anyone else make out what Bane says when Bruce asks “What are you?” It sounds like “I’m death” something something

  • So, it seems a bit of inspiration is being taken from No Man’s Land, which is one of my favourite arcs.
    I have a few peeves (Bane not being Latino, for instance), but overall I’m excited.

    In Nolan We Trust

  • For a character we know nearly nothing about, Joseph Gordon-Levitt sure got a lot of screen time in that trailer.

      • A random beat cop named John Blake. The trailer made it look like he worked with/knew Selina Kyle (Catwoman). Trailers are tricky like that.

        Not too sure Robin fits in with Nolan’s Batman. Still, it’d be a great reveal if it turns out that John Blake is a fake name he took up after his trapeze performing family was brutally murdered. So he went off to become a cop in order to bring justice and whatnot.

    • Yeh gotta admit, Anna Hathaway as Catwoman is an interesting choice.. as for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he’s been in a few good movies since Third Rock and has earned his acting cred in my book (check out Brick, The Lookout and 50/50)

    • In terms of sheer insanity, I would think possibly not. But Bane is a very interesting mix of brains, psychosis and raw power. He is typically written as the dark side of Batman, and that makes him potentially far more dangerous – and more importantly, far more interesting, if done right.

      • Not sure I agree, I always thought Batman specifically dealt with psychos mostly, precisely because he couldn’t have a ‘dark side’ beyond a villain that kills (see : pretty much all of them). Batman is already the dark side, specifically he’s like the dark side of superman. There’s a reason there’s a whole meme about how no one can beat Batman, it’s hard to write an enemy that doesn’t have straight up superpowers that’s any real threat in a toe to toe situation with someone as adept at everything as Batman, hence why (my opinion) his nemesis is someone like the Joker, who makes the story interesting not by being a physical/mental challenge so much as being so entirely batshit (heh) insane that Batman has trouble comprehending his motives let alone predicting his actions. That was something I thought Nolan really captured well.
        Doesn’t mean I think Bane’s a bad villain or anything, I’m sure it will be great, but the more I think about it, the more I think perhaps saving Joker till last might have been the smart thing to do. On the other hand, Ledger basically stole the show, I get the feeling this one will be far more focused on Bruce Wayne/Batman, and that’s probably the right way to end it.

    • Azrael (“God commands me to kill people”)
      Professor Pyg (Surgeon with a pig’s head stapled to his face who physically de-genders and lobotomises innocent victims to turn into zombie-like ‘dollotrons’)
      Hush (master surgeon, jealous of BruceWayne because his parents died)

      Twisted, fucked up villains are Gotham’s specialty

  • dark knight rises YAY i agree. Sad that this is the last Dark Knight movie that Chris Nolan will make.

  • Batman is so going to die in this one. Been getting that feeling from the last few trailers, but it was this line that got me this time:

    “I haven’t given them everything.” Or something along those lines. Seems to be setting up some sort of sacrifice.

    • Funny, that very line makes me so sure that he’ll live, despite making whatever sacrifice play Nolan has in store for him 🙂

      • If they play Bane out faithfully to the comics, he will take Batman to breaking point, the where he has accepted that he will die, but won’t kill him. Bane’s whole drive is his need to be the top dog. Once he’s proven himself better than Batman, he’s got what he wanted.

        • i was thinking about the same thing. With the trailers and promotional material, the tagline “The legend ends”, i got more of an idea that Batman as a figure ‘dies’ whilst Bruce Wayne is still alive, though unable to continue wearing the mask and cape (i.e. having a disability such as Bane breaking batman’s back in the comics). I have a feeling Nolan will keep to the whole style and direction of a somewhat realism, and show that out of the cape he is just a normal man. Or i may be dreaming too much

  • Looks as good as can be expected, losing Heath was a real killer to the series.It’s nice to have a villian that can go toe to toe with Bats.

    • I know right! they took away the echo and distortion effect because stupid idiots kept complaining that they couldn’t understand him

  • Yawn. Bale sucks as Batman (although he does an awesome spoiled rich boy, I wonder why), Nolan is an incoherent addict and the story is several classic stories butchered and sewn together with rotting string. I’m a massive Batman fan and I wish they had all given up after Begins.

  • Ok why does banes voice sound way too clear and does not really fit the rest of the sound in the trailer…..if its like this in the movie then Nolan has pandered to the Fanboys and stuffed the audio up.

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