New Metro: Last Light Interview And Gameplay Footage Finds Its Way Online

Apparently this Metro: Last Light video appeared for a brief time on GameTrailers, but was quickly taken down. I'm not sure why it was removed, but whatever the reason it did little to stop one enterprising user from grabbing the clip and uploading it to YouTube. Inside we find almost four minutes for gameplay footage, along with a surprisingly solid interview with the developers.

Update: Unfortunately, since posting this story, the clip has been pulled from YouTube. Sad face indeed.

Gametrailers chatted with Huw Beynon, the developer's Head of Senior Communications. While not a producer or designer, he does an excellent job of articulating exactly what Metro: Last Light is about and how it will differentiate itself from other shooters:

Our focus is really on delivering this story, this adventure you go on. What I think we see in a lot of singleplayer campaigns is the level starts, you're given an environment, but fundamentally the gameplay is very similar throughout. You're funnelled through these environments, shoot a wave of enemies as you approach their positions, they're all poised and ready for you. The entire gameplay is really just all around this shooting experience.

Last Light, on the other hand, will feature more "emergent combat experiences" and "broader environments", says Beynon, where having multiple ways to dispatch, avoid and distract your opponents is the norm.

Towards the end of the clip, Beynon mentions that a Wii version is planned — that's the current model, not the Wii U. I don't think it will be anyone's version of choice, especially considering how amazing it looks, but I'm sure plenty of people will appreciate the option to play it on Nintendo's console. Correction: It's more likely he said "Wii U", going by other previews.



    Dammit, I didn't get in in before THQ made them take it down. I kinda wanted to see this, too, as I really dug the first Metro. Ah well, E3 it is.

      Bugger. I've updated the story. Kind of glad now I took the time to transcribe that bit.

        The video I watched says they're working on a Wii U version at the end, not a Wii version.

          I could have sworn he said "current gen". Unfortunately, I can't watch the video to confirm.

          That said, other previews point to a Wii U release also, so you're probably right.

            He said they are focused on current gen at the moment. But will then focus on the Wii U after they're released.

      Missed it again! I'm chasing videos across the internet, but they're just that little bit faster every time! thanks me..

      You rock!

      I'm loving the lightning.

    He does say a Wii U version is planned. I found it highly unlikely they would offer a Wii version. I doubt it would be worth the effort.

    I smell the hot grease of the hype engine churning through the porn filled halls or internetia.

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