New Tales Game Is Coming

Last fall, the Tales Studio died. Things were bleak. But chin up, Tales fans. There's a new Tales game in the pipeline.

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Jump has a teaser for the "next" Tales game. The article states, "Next Tales of..." and calls this a "next generation Tales".

There's not much info, though. The game's platform is TBA — ditto for its release date and price. All we know is that Namco Bandai Games is making it and that it's a role-playing game. At this point, that's all we need to know.

Tales [VIP]


    given the acronym "TO" I am shooting for tales online

      I'd say it Stands for "Tales Of" as they haven't announced the full name yet.

    I'd be more excited if it was more likely we'd see it released in English.

    Oh thats nice!

    Now is that a real release? Or another beta (or as I like to call its "let's fsck over our core audience by letting them bug test the almost finished product and then resell it later w/ full content and extras w/ no bugs") release?

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