New Tales Game Is Coming

New Tales Game Is Coming

Last fall, the Tales Studio died. Things were bleak. But chin up, Tales fans. There’s a new Tales game in the pipeline.

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Jump has a teaser for the “next” Tales game. The article states, “Next Tales of…” and calls this a “next generation Tales“.

There’s not much info, though. The game’s platform is TBA — ditto for its release date and price. All we know is that Namco Bandai Games is making it and that it’s a role-playing game. At this point, that’s all we need to know.

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  • Oh thats nice!

    Now is that a real release? Or another beta (or as I like to call its “let’s fsck over our core audience by letting them bug test the almost finished product and then resell it later w/ full content and extras w/ no bugs”) release?

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