New WWE '13 Trailer Leaks

Wait! That's WWE '13's music! THQ will probably be showing off the teaser for their next sports entertainment extravaganza at E3 in two weeks.

But the trailer trickled out onto the internet a bit early. The clip spotlights current WWE Heavyweight Champion CM Punk as the game's centrepiece, a move that pleases me greatly. Punk's been a great performer in the ring and on the mic, yet found himself stifled by WWE management's favoritism and way-too-safe story arcs. It got to the point where he made a big stink about it.

The reel also makes reference to Punk's classic meta-commentary promo where he talks about the state of creativity in WWE. Hopefully, the game will keep the brash edge of CM Punk's character alive in the game.

The trailer also shows an in-game recreation of last year's ring-collapse spot with the Big Show and Mark Henry.

Hopefully, you won't have to play as those two big lunks to trigger that catastrophic event. Undertaker and Kaine should be enough, right? We'll get a chance to find out when WWE '13 hits in November.


    its kane not kaine

    CM Punk is just "WWE Champion", there's no such thing as "WWE Heavyweight Champion". There is a "World Heavyweight Champion" though.

    Would love for the assclowns who write these articles to actually have a clue what they are talking about. If you actually had watched any WWE, you would know these things

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