Next Star Wars: The Old Republic Takes The Pain Out Of Finding People To Play With

Now that the massive 1.2 update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is behind us, it's time for BioWare to start winning back those 400,000 lost subscribers with some oft-requested features.

Soon finding a group won't be such a massive pain in the arse. The current looking for group system in BioWare's massively multiplayer online Star Wars game involves people essentially standing on the corner and shouting until someone takes pity on them. There's a rudimentary 'LFG' option that allows players to set their status as such, but it's pretty much useless.

Update 1.3, also known as "Allies", fixes this by giving players a tool that allows them to define their party role and select the area they wish to party in, automatically matching them up with like-minded individuals with the required skill sets. Seeing as I skipped over several Flashpoint missions because I couldn't be bothered to find a group (not a big yeller), I might need to drop into the game and get my group on once this drops.

Another handy feature coming in 1.3 is the ability to transfer servers, allowing players that wound up on the wrong end of the galaxy a chance to warp to where their friends are. It should also make server merges easier to facilitate, in case that needs to happen.

IGN has a full interview with BioWare lead game designer Daniel Erickson covering the various bells and whistles hitting in 1.3, which you'll find via the link below.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's 1.3 Patch Revealed [IGN]


    I love that they are allowing you to tailor how you level. We have a ton of guys in our guild who just want to PVP and do the story quests when they level their alts.

    Sounds like they've backed down from wanting to create community by forcing people to make groups the old fashioned way. That was never going to work once people had a taste of the Goff life of auto queuing and teleport to instance as in other games

    Eh only 399,999 will go back, sorely disappointed in the game. Shit that should of been in from the start only just going in, because they wanted to maximize profits? Bah no thanks

    The rebranded Mythic team behind ToRtanic forgot 1 major factor in releasing the game - player experience in other MMOs. Sure, you can't expect a game to be fantastic/bug free at release but with so many other MMO's established with core functionality that ToR ignored or implemented in a half-assed manner, it's little wonder that many people left the game.

    The problem for EA is that with many players you only get 1 attempt to suck them into the game - usually at release. Stuff that up and whilst you may get 1 or 2 month subs from these people, they won't be back.

    People seem to be annoyed by Bioware's priorities. They said from day one they wanted the focus to be a story-driven experience and in that respect it's a huge success. Then people complain about quite literally 100 entirely different reasons why they should have the game they want, not the one that was made. I really wish people would just for one second stop, take a step back and think about whether things are so bad to really incite such venom. TOR was never the game you wanted it to be but now they're changing/adding because of fan response and you still bash it? Come on, don't be a stereotype.

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