Nine Compelling Diablo III Features That Didn't Make The Final Game

As I play through Diablo III, I can't help but think back to all of the amazing features I witnessed over the course of three years of BlizzCon that didn't make the cut. YouTube user AlluvianGarald compiles several of these into one disappointment-inducing video.

The biggies are obvious. There's the arena combat, which was shelved prior to release and refocused as future free downloadable content. The collectible Rune system transformed into a simple set of unlockable power modifiers.

But then there are the smaller features, the ones not as memorable but no less nifty. Cinematic in-game cutscenes would have been brilliant. Travel powers used to traverse obstacles would have changed the game considerably. The environment destruction is still there, but more cosmetic than anything affecting gameplay.

Diablo III could have been a much different game. At one point or another, it was. Would it have been a better game?

Diablo III: Missing Content #1 [YouTube]


    I might have overcome my existing complaints and issues with the game if it had had all of these features. Seriously, who's stupid idea was it to put in PvP at the expense of the amazing rune system they had advertised about 3 years ago? :(

      uhhh...what? sorry, sorry, what you said just did not make sense.

      PvP was deemed incomplete by the devs so instead of holding back the entire product annother X months they decided to put out the game without PvP which will be added in when it's done. as for "the amazing rune system"; announced 3 years ago? no, announced roughly one year ago? yes. When it was first brought up, they said that they are toying with the idea of runes as drops, and when they found that it created more problems than it solved, they decided to change it.

        I feel that PvP was delayed because they can't balance it with the Auction House. The winner will be the one with the biggest wallet. And Blizzard.

    Uh, there are only 4 missing features in this video?

      Its actually in several parts, and its been split in the most arbitrary ways possible.

    while ive been enjoying it. Its a bit of a simplified game and it suffers as a result. Im not even heavily into RPGs and i still think its simple.

      Wow. Sorry, but the guy called LINK with a LINK avatar is calling DIABLO a simple RPG?

      I'm sorry, how many times have you collected the same six powerups in completely different games?

      With the runes and spell combinations, there is a crapload of depth to this game. Not to mention the endless randomization of items.

        LOL Steven bang on the money!

        Good good!

        Let the butthurt flow through you...

        Mate Zelda is not aimed at hardcore and yes true that is a highly simple rpg. I clearly say "while ive been enjoying it." so its not bad but i reckon if they had more depth it would of been even better. Compared to the skill points etc in D2 its simple. No need to get down my throat over my opinion. Besides if a zelda fan says its simple then it must be since we define simple. Rune system would have been better if you could have placed different ones that you collected and then it gives an outcome instead of just the simple set up they have now. Randomized items i will concede is fairly good.

        Because enjoying Zelda = considering it complex.

        Makes sense.

        Because opinion's are automatically invalidated because someone is a fan of something else.

        He never said here. Oh Diablo is simple. Zelda games are more complex. He said that Diablo is simple.

        If when it comes to Complexity factor Zelda is a 1 and Diablo is a 3 with a complex game getting a 10. It doesn't remove the fact that it is still relatively simple compared to the potential it could have had.

        If a guy called Link with a Link avatar is calling D3 simple, that should probably tell you something.

        I've never really considered LoZ to be an RPG. I've always seen is at an Adventure Game series.

    The only thing I noticed not in the game was that ages ago there was this video of this absolutely HUGE Ogre, like the size of maybe the Act 2 boss, and in the video he swung his arm around, grabbed a hero, and ripped him in half. I was expecting to fight that guy but alas, never.

      But you do fight that guy. he is the siegebreaker assault beast in act 3, and he still grabs characters but ripping people appart in one shot was a bit OP so they didn't include that.

        would have made a sick finishing move on you though if you died to him or on NPCs if they had given you more to use at the same time.

    This video is dumb. If you played the closed beta for the last 6 months you would have seen way more things that got removed. Like the Nephalem Cube for decrafting on the go and little critters to pick up gold (before they made it auto pickup)

    So a company made some design changes along the way, what's the problem?

    I'd hardly call any of those features compelling.

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