Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Also Wonders Why The Avengers Need An Archer

"There is always the risk that you will run out of arrows. There is never a risk that The Incredible Hulk will run out of Hulk." Hawkeye from the Avengers suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous Nintendo president in the latest instalment of Nintendo Gamer's lost Iwata Asks files.

No one is safe from the razor-sharp interview tactics of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, not politicians, filmmakers, industry rivals, not even one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Iwata: At this point I normally say ‘thank you for making time today', but it is not like you are in huge demand. [Laughs]

Hawkeye: Evil can strike at any time.

Iwata: And I am sure that if The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor need any arrows, they will get in touch. [Laughs]

Completely unfair, though those of you that have seen the Avengers movie can attest to the fact that Hawkeye's most important function was pretty much acting as...well, hawk eyes. Sure, he takes out a few bad guys with arrows, but Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor would have gotten to them eventually.

In fact, he was more effective as [spoiler spoiler spoiler] than he was as [other spoiler].

Damn it, everyone hurry up and see the movie.

Iwata Asks... Hawkeye from the Avengers [Nintendo Gamer]


    I'm sorry what? This makes no sense.. Your becoming the next Luke Plunkett and I don't like it..

      Makes perfect sense to me.



        Also, douche.

          "I'm gonna continue using shitty grammar. I'll keep using your/you're, they're/there/their and there's nothing you or your book leanin' can do about it. Douche!" - Cheesus.

      ^ This

      I don't understand what "Iwata Asks" is. Don't assume all your readers understand the same shitty memes as you.

        +1 Internets for you sir. #BRINGBACKJOURNALISM

          @Bangers and @Cheesus,
          Way to sound like a bunch of ignorant Internet-goers, it will take you 4 seconds of Internet searching to figure out what this "shitty meme" is, so please, pull your head out and look around, it's a nice day.

          FYI: I assume you're lazy, so here's the low-down. Iwata Asks has been reported about on this site for a long time, it's the President of Nintendo asking people questions. And to quote a famous man: "Cheesus, please just shut the hell up. Get over yourself man." - ShiggyNinty

            I don't like Sam, go back to eat your green eggs and ham.

              What's that? A well reasoned rebuttal to one of my hate comments! Why, I should do the sane thing, and ridicule their name!

      Cheesus, please just shut the hell up. Get over yourself man.

        No, plus why are you assuming that I'm a 'man'?

          Never said you were.

            By saying "Get over yourself man" you have implied that I am a man, which is not the case.

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                This is wildly inappropriate.

                  I don't care who or what you are, you could be a transgender lesbian asian midget for all I care, but why should I treat you with respect when you can't do the same for anyone else?

    There's slow news days and then there's articles like this...

      I'm coining a term for them.. Lets call them.. Plunkett's Turds (I know Luke didn't write it but it's the same style of writing.. if you call it writing)

        So something semi interesting occurs regarding a popular film franchise during a slow news period and you're going to abuse the article and authors simply because it's not to your liking. All the writer hate on this site is really getting old, if you don't like the articles, don't read them. The comment section should be reserved for productive comments, even if they are negative such as "this article's content was not correct" are fine, but we all need to grow up a bit. Even this comment is not productive and shouldn't be on here, but hopefully it will lead to further productive comments in the future

          Semi interesting? Hahahaha. If the writer hate is getting old then don't read the comments or fuel the fire =)

            Your interests are not the only ones on this site, Kotaku may have started as gaming news but has clearly evolving to include more pop culture, therefore pop culture commentary by someone high up is semi interesting. There are some people who find this interesting, others who do not.
            Your initial comment of "I’m sorry what? This makes no sense.." is fine as it can open up to further conversation/debate, no need to include insults to authors just because you don't like something.
            By what you are referring to as fuelling the fire I am trying to offer constructive critical points to your commenting protocol, which would actually be helpful for everyone as opposed to hating on every article that does not cater to your personal preference

          Wait, you mean this isn't cheesus dot com?

          All the content here DOESN'T have to pertain directly to Cheesus' interests?

          Well, i'm out then. Been fun guys.

          So if you don't like something, you should just abandon and ignore it, instead of drawing attention to it in the hope of improvement?

            If you don't like a FREE, OPTIONAL service that never claimed to be specifically tailored to you, and other people are enjoying. damn straight you should ignore it, rather than post deliberately provocative comments in a place where noone related to the aforementioned poor quality will see it. The logical recourse, providing you're being forced at gunpoint to read these articles, would be to email either Mark, Elly, or, go straight to the source and email Fahey himself.

            No, there are appropriate ways and inappropriate ways. If you read carefully, I clearly stated a ridiculously lack luster example of what would be "appropriate" Cheesus in particular is a douchebag who adds nothing to any discussion. By calling out an author on every article that you don't like what they are writing but in all honesty offer nothing in the way of improvement ideas, then keep your comment off. I enjoy reading the comments section and adding to conversations when I feel they will be continued, whilst this is a personal preference, I would imagine this is the point of the comments section. I do NOT enjoy reading a short article, which is fine since I do read some of this at work and don't always have time to read an in depth analysis of something from a Mark or Stephen, looking to add something short, like "Hawk Eye seemed like a strange edition to the Avengers film with no Ant Man" and seeing ridiculous hate comments that were old 6 months ago. In short, if you want to improve something, don't just complain, give some constructive criticism, for example "Luke, please improve the length of your articles by including a further analysis or by giving us more information" as opposed to "I’m coining a term for them.. Lets call them.. Plunkett’s Turds (I know Luke didn’t write it but it’s the same style of writing.. if you call it writing)" on an article written by Mike Fahey.

              Give constructive criticism? Do you honestly think that will change anything?

              The editor of Kotaku AU knows very well the various issues with the various hacks at Kotaku, yet still posts them regardless.

              It's enraging - I read a great article on Kotaku today (CoD's Scary New War of the Future) - but I have to trawl through Kotaku US's brand of 'journalism' to get to them.

    So you're saying Hawkeye didn't take out the Helicarrier?

    Where Thor, Hulk and Iron Man bring raw power, Hawkeye brings precision. In the movie he was also shown to be a better combat analyst than Stark.

    That being said, Green Arrow > Hawkeye.

      Didn't he beat Iron Man in his first appearance?

    Can we now assume that everyone has seen this movie and have spoilerific articles?

    I wonder why they needed Black Widow...

    She's practically useless by herself and couldn't beat any of those aliens without using their own weapons against them.

    To be honest, Hawkeye actually helped.

      Remember her one on one scene with Loki? If that hadn't happened, the shit on the helicarrier could have gone very differently.

      There are 2 answers to your question, one explains how Black Widow made a large contribution to the story.
      The other is simply that ScarJo is so smokin' hot she evens out the amount sausage there is in the film.

      I would assume the producers have her in there for the second reason.

        True, but Whedon would have wanted her for his continuing use of empowered women in his stories. Firefly, Buffy, Dollhouse... it was also probably what initially attracted him to Alien Resurrection.

          win win..

    Because if you're going to see a movie about a bunch of burly sweating men it's nice to have at least one nice lady to look at.

    well its pretty good that his an archer since bows and crossbows and such are used for infiltration as they are silent.

    SHUT UP IWATA, IT'S ONE OF THE GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME!! At least, in my opinion it is.

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