No Half-Life 3 At This Year’s E3

No Half-Life 3 At This Year’s E3

No new Portal or Left 4 Dead announcements either. Valve is attending the annual games conference, but won’t be showing any new games, the company confirmed today. [Joystiq]


    • Or at least some proper Portal DLC – When they announced the game they said there would be plenty of future content. I guess they ment user generated 🙁

      • Did you forget the extra co-op campaign? While the level maker is awesome, I’d still expect some more down the track. The l4d dlc is slow but does creep out

  • On Ign their official statement says that their will be no half life 3 or portal 3 or left 4 dead 3….. Knowing valve thats probably their way of announcing all 3 games

  • Yeah I get the feeling that when HL3 comes out, they probably wont announce it much before the release.

  • Looking on the bright side, it means Half Life 3 could be a launch title for Xbox720 and PS4! Would actually be a better idea actually.

    • Yeah, man. I agree. I wouldn’t mind if we didn’t see the next Uncharteds, Mass Effects and the like until the next gen. Would make a great launch line-up, plus there’s plenty of stuff already announced to fill the gap until then…

      • next mass effects? i definitely hope there wont be any more mass effectS – not that mass effect isnt a good game, but we need some new IPs. and i say this as a general sense, games these days are just being milked dry.
        we need new titles, new engines and definitely new consoles!

    • Yeah, they’ll release the 3rd game in a series of primarily-PC games as a launch title for the next gen of crappy, underpowered consoles.

  • I would hope that Valve will leave HL3 on the back burner long enough that it finds it’s way onto their next engine. As much as I love the source engine I think HL3 needs to go beyond that.

  • I know they got street cred and stuff, but in terms of games or even games development activity. Valve you’re boring. Seriously, I remember getting exited about your announcements, especially at E3. I say remember because they don’t do anything!

  • Dammit. Come on Valve. I think HL3 will be the game to make me upgrade my computer; don’t you want me to have a better laptop? Hmmm..? It’s on you, Gabe. Make me spend money I don’t have.

  • Pretty sure the mayans predicted it be announced the 21/12/12, notice how if you add up the digits in the day, month and year its 3/3/3? It will be the next Orange Box, containing Team Fortress 3, Portal 3, Half Life 3… ends when too much awesome is unleashed.

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