No New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer At E3

Final Fantasy XIV, remember that? Remember how Square Enix was supposed to make it all better? Well, according to Square Enix, the game's latest trailer will "skip" E3. [Square Enix]


    is square going to show anything we want? i'm dying for FFvXIII and KH3. why do they continuously ignore their fans?

    Failure to deliver quality as of late, is why I'm over Square-Enix / Final Fantasy.

    Wish they would can this and HD remake FF11 instead...

    Wait what? Have you been in stasis for the last year Bashy? They've been working to make it better for a long time now, where did they say 'We'll release a trailer at E3 2012 and suddenly that will be proof that game is all good now'? How would that be any kind of evidence or proof anyway... And from what I've heard the game IS a lot better than it was at release. I mean, there's journalism that's arguably not relevant, journalism that's only one sentence, but then there's just straight up BAD journalism... I just... don't even....

      yes, they've made a bad game better, but it does not make it a good game. i don't consider paying $12 a month for this particular game in its current state a justifiable purchase. there is guild wars 2, which offers the same and more for only the price of the game itself with no monthly fees. i'll feel relaxed to play casually and not under pressure to put in hours to an on-the-mend game. i don't need the burden of a monthly fee to keep me playing a game i honestly don't enjoy. that's just my two cents. yes, i've played FFXIV, and i'm over it.

        That's all good and well, but it doesn't make anything I said untrue, in fact it supports it...
        I don't play FFXIV ( I tried the beta, wasn't for me), and GW2 is my most looked forward to game this year, if not the last 3 years, doesn't change the fact this article makes no sense. Implying that they haven't done anything since they announced they'd be trying really hard to make it better, and further implying that that is somehow relevant to the absence of a trailer at E3 2012.... I just can't even begin to comprehend what it going on here, it's the equivalent of.

        1. I like oranges
        2. So therefore you're a dick.
        just.. 0_o

      Yes, the game is better now. But, on a scale of 1-10, it started out as a 3 and now it's only about a 5 or 6. And the bad thing is, they had over a year to make it better and didn't. Look at the awful UI (which has not really changed at all) and the pathetic AH/market wards (which are still remarkably unwieldy, especially after one year).

      That having been said, I am looking forward to 2.0--and an E3 trailer would have helped not hurt in my opinion.

    'Well, the public release of version 2.0 is set to kickoff with this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. We also plan to unveil a brand new promotion site for version 2.0 soon after E3 ends.' quoted from the producer of ff14

      No you're wrong. They didn't say that at all. I know because I've been following this game closely. I f you visit their website they even hove a road map that shows their plans. FFXIV isn't set to release until December-January. The earliest anyone is even going to see 2.0 is in the PS3 beta that won't be out until October. Don't know where you got that quote, but it's wrong. The producer is very open with the users too...if there where plans like this they would be in one of his many "Letter from the Producer" that are released periodically.

      I will say though, I am disappointed at the lack of a E3 trailer. That was scheduled in the roadmap and should have been delivered regardless of the producers personal view on how it should be re-introduced. However, the producer said he'd put out another letter after E3 so I'm sure he'll explain why it wasn't shown.

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