No One Is More Prepared To Play Diablo III Than This Guy

It's less than two weeks before the release of the most eagerly anticipated PC (and Mac!) game of the year. Some of us are pretty excited about it. This guy is way beyond that.

Diablo III forum-goer Scrambles shared his preparations with the game community yesterday, linking a few pictures of his new computer setup along with the message "Hey guys, I think I'm ready for Diablo." That's quite the understatement.

To me, ready to play Diablo means being seated at some sort of computer, mouse, keyboard and monitor all in working order. Perhaps I'd have a delicious diet Sun Drop at hand. Perhaps not. That's optional.

My definition obviously does not apply to Scrambles.

His setup has it all, from melted candle wax to the scribbled ravings of a madman. I see some random plant clippings, bits of rocks, various bottles and lanterns and Scrambles himself, staring intently at his Diablo III wallpaper. I imagine him sitting like that until May 15, unblinking and emotionless. Unmoving except for the odd times he needs to activate the smoke machine.

I wasn't kidding about the smoke machine.

This level of dedication is inspiring. In honour of Scrambles' effort, I plan on playing Diablo III accompanied by the plaintiff wailing of two angry baby spirits. As if I had a choice.

Hey guys, I think I'm ready for Diablo [Diablo III Forums - Thanks, Generic Bad Guy!]


    What a tool.

      The only tool here is you and your name. Try being nice for once. The kid put lots of effort into that theme.

    Definetly creates atmosphere - just hope he doesn't die from smoke inhallation and burn his hous down, hahaha

    I see there is no mouse...

      True, which leads me to believe that this guy is full of crap. I mean if he really was wanting to add the atmosphere of the game, he needs a metronome on the side going click, click, click, click.....That way he can have the primary soundtrack of the series playing in readiness for the onslaught that is to come.


    >Great death of the meow shalt have fault
    Diablo confirmed for cat, or something.

    Then on launch day he has problems with his internet connection, meaning he can't play.

    Hehe that's cool

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