Not Getting Stabbed Is Harder In Real Life

You know in a video game or a movie, how the hero easily grabs a knife from an attacker and subdues that enemy? Well, that's in video games or movies — fantasy! Real life is different.

However, as numerous YouTube commenters pointed out, the "real life" versions of the attacks are missing the confrontation. They simply show the attack, which seems to be the point…to make this point.

Want to know how to protect yourself if someone pulls a knife? Run and scream for help. Someone should make a game about that.

Defending Yourself against a Knife Attack - Fantasy vs Reality [YouTube via Izismile via Rocket News]


    Practice Tkd for 10 years and did nothing on the streets. A lot of martial arts is fake! Bruce lee exposed it

      You might find that without the confidence to defend your-self you might get in trouble more often, predators can smell fear, Grasshopper.

    I wonder how many people have been stabbed lifeless under the nonentity from playing to many games/movies, that they could in fact defend themselfs

      *themselves! Wow.

    Most martial arts make the reality fairly clear.

    1) Avoid the fight if possible
    2) If you can't, strike first and go for the most vulnerable spots
    3) If its a weapon fight (especially knives) expect to get cut - protect your vitals

    There is a big different to sparring in competitions/training and street fighting...
    You expect to be attacked in a competition and there are rules and regulations...on the street its you and them...

      Kicks to the stomach or leg can be really useful if you need a headstart when running.

    The key to winning a knife fight, bring a gun instead. Pretty simply solution really.

      Bring a knife to a gunfight.
      Stab them while they are laughing.

      Generally it's considered if the person with a knife is with in 5 meters of the one withe gun, he'll be able to stab them before they can draw and fire.

      Moral of the story? Stay way from crazy people with knives.

    In a real fight. You must crouch then move your body down forward, and then forward with heavy punch. This will allow you to perform a hadouken. If all fails, walk back which will enable you to block all incoming attacks (including knife and projectile attacks)

    Yeah - I had a martial arts friend tell me that in reality, while martial arts help they don't turn you into an action hero. A good way to demonstrate how difficult it is to avoid being cut with a knife is to fake-knife fight with a friend using white-board markers or pens (non-permanent!). You'll end up covered in lines and ink spots - each one indicating a potential wound if the knife was real.

    Knives are serious business. Unless you are a VERY highly trained professional (and I am not) who knows the attack is coming, it is very difficult to disarm an opponent with a knife easily. You'll probably get cut.

    Don't fight if you can. Even if you can fight, try to avoid fighting.

      Oh yeah... marker training is scary as hell, and it only really simulates the tip of the blade.

      Blade defence is really a last-resort thing. Ideally you run, otherwise you hope you have a stab vest on. The common sell line for knife defence classes is "80% of knife attack victims never see the weapon coming", but I have no idea where that statistic comes from.

        Maybe from the 20 % that survived? Sorry, couldn't resist. ; )

    I have been trained to disarm people attacking me with knives, and the safest way to get results WILL result in your arms being cut. Fortunately you eons be killed, which seemed to be happening to the guy in the video...

    I once saw i guy get stabbed right in front of me (like about 50cm away). it was at Liverpool station in 2006 and some kids / thugs with ridiculous sounding voices (like they were sucking on helium the entire time) and a seven word vocabulary, consisting of fuck, bro, come on, what you want proceeded to brawl on the platform (two against two).

    anyway i didn't want to lose my seat (liverpool station @ peak equals standing for ages) and sort of sat back to watch the fight that had erupted in front of me. I won't go into anymore details suffices to say one of the thugs began to lose the fight quite badly. As he was on the ground getting utterly hammered he managed to pull a knife and leap to his feet and stab his opponent. Then as if they were some Shakespearean actors they all stopped fighting and fell silent. The stabbed fella looked down at the wound and stared at presumably his opponent and uttered in a very chopper like fashion, "why ya stab me"?

    Fuck me i wanted to burst out laughing. The stabbed fella pulled off his top, threw his blooded top to the ground, to reveal a not very bleeding puncture wound below his rib cage. At that point sirens could be heard so the four thugs promptly ran for a six foot chain fence which they leaped as if it was a garden hedge and were gone. Clearly a knife wound is no disability to doing the hurdles

    Lucky for me the train rocked up and i went home.

    Moral of the story. Unless your attacerk is absolutely crazy and is prepared to stab you like a million times, and unless your sure they won't be able to move the knife around inside your body I'd dare say you've got more then time and energy to be stabbed, rip the knife from your attacker and go on the offensive, you know letting adrenaline kick in everything.

    Any martial-arts instructor will tell you run if attacked with a weapon unless you have to defend someone.

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