Now This Is Some Serious Borderlands 2 Loot

No, it's not the result of a customisable weapon. It's just 2K community manager Elizabeth Tobey's dachshund, Pancake. Isn't Pancake just adorable?

The real Borderlands 2 collector's edition won't come with a dachshund to sit pretty in your loot chest, but it does come with a bunch of other goodies.

Pancake is famous [dahanese via Reddit]


    Can we please get ried of all the Diablo 3 ads now its out? I mean, who ever is going to buy it is going to buy it. it dose not need ads....

    Aslo, cool pics.

      Ad Block Plus says hello :D

        But isn't advertising what keeps great sites like Kotaku AU up and running?

          It sure it but im a c u next tuesday and i would be happy to take revenue away from kotaku :D

      One of the biggest games to hit the shelves this year has been out for a few days and this guy wants a games-orientated website that gets a large sum of income from ads to not advertise games? Get off my internet.

        Btw, they'll only change the ad to something else (and keep advertising) and you know that, so I'm thinking you're just crying about seeing so much Diablo 3 propaganda and you're unhappy because your mother won't buy it for you, thus you're protesting on Kotaku.

          Haha. Mate, if I really wanted to, I could go out and buy 50 or so copys of the game. My problom is that Diablo is just another Blizz game. Thats all it is. Its gaming Crack. I am just sick of seeing it EVERYWHERE. Mean while, Simsicty 5 is useing the SAME sort of DRM, and people, the SAME people playing Diablo 3 probubly, are complaning about its DRM.

          I want to see a PROPER reports, not crap everyone already knows. Give me a 2 page report on why Origin STEAM and are all the same and why over 1 line of text saying people can't log in to some game ANY DAY.


    well.... atleast now we can see the size of the chest.... pretty small..

      It's built better than I expected though. To be honest, I was expecting cheap cardboard. This looks pretty decent.

      I made my preorder and afterwards it hit me. Weren't Gearbox the team that gave us that "awesome" Duke Nukem CE last year? Then the paranoia hit me about the (actual) size of it all.
      I think this kind of helps settle that a bit.

      What? you thought they where that it would be 1:1? lol


    not sure if my dachshund will fit, he's a little bigger than Pancake

      yea mine are standard sized ones they wont fit

    Well, at least we know that if you're in the market for a gaming themed dog bed, this is what you want.

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