Oh Boy, This Skyrim Cosplay Is Terrific

In the far and distant future, we can hope that an Elder Scrolls game actually looks this good. Less like a fantasy world in a snowglobe, more like a place you'd actually enjoy a morning spent hanging out in the nice warm sun. Perhaps not the next generation of hardware. Maybe the one after.

These amazing cosplay shots were done in honour of master props builder Harrison Krix's Skyrim helmet that he made recently.

The rest of the costume, which is equally impressive, was put together by costume builder and cosplayer Maxi, while the nice pics were taken by her boyfriend.

Nord Helmet photoshoot with Manzi DeYoung [Volpin Props]

Volpin's Ancient Nord helmet and updated Dovahkiin page [Nihilistique!]


    at least she has clothes on! I hate the stupid cosplay posts full of scantily clad women, it's lame. Thanks for posting something genuinely cool and not sleazy kotaku/

      Yeah me too! as soon as I see cosplay in the title of a post I click on it expecting some boobage but this time I've been ripped off yet again!... whoops.. hang on....I guess I didn't read yr post properly.....

    She looks a little frail to be a warrior. Probably would break her arms trying to block something with that shield.

      Looks more like a draugr, damn someone feed her a chicken

    Yeah get some curves on that body and them maybe a hottie

      This guy def loves his chicks plump and all, no worries mate just take em to KFC every night ;)

    the first pic couldve fooled me thinking that its ingame,
    computer graphics is really close to lifelike now, just a lil more
    then u can fool me forever


    I see that kitchens look more like the forest in the Elder Scrolls Universe.

    How is there evencritcism for thiscosplay? Y'all are ridlculous.

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