Old Gamer Beaten By His Wife And Begs Judge For A Divorce

Last week, a 50-something Chinese man got on his knees in Baishan City in Jilin Province, China. He begged a judge to grant him a divorce from his wife, even though the two recently retook their vows.

The man, Li Gang, makes about US$473 a month working, while his wife Wang Li is a home maker. The problems started to appear when Li would spend most of his free time playing online games and drinking with friends. Unhappy with what her husband was doing, Wang would berate him and hit him.

Being fed up with being told what to do, Li Gang, went out to internet cafes to drink and play games. At first, Li Gang ignored everything, but his wife's violence progressed. She started to use a real force, and she even cut Wang Li with a knife.

Unable to take the beatings anymore, Li Gang decided to file for divorce against his wife. When the courts summoned Wang Li, she did not appear; this prompted the presiding judge to dismiss Li Gang's case.

"Often times in these situations, the woman would refuse a divorce," said the judge.

Because of this, Li Gang got on his knees and begged for a divorce. Despite his plea, the judge did not grant the divorce.

A few weeks later the Women's Federation of China learned about the case, they went to Li Gang's home to investigate the incident. After confirming that Li Gang should be able to divorce his wife, they successfully appealed on his behalf in the courts.

When Li Gang heard that his divorce was finally granted and legalized, he took out $US788 as financial support for his now ex-wife because she was unemployed.

50岁男子玩网游遭家暴 跪求法官判离婚 [Tencent]

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    That's nice.
    What's this got to do with gaming?

      gaming culture website.

        And what does this has to do with gaming culture?

          Apparently he played games... like about 500million other people on the planet.

          Some kids experience pain in ways that are easy to see. Sometimes you can't see aynthing. Kids are very resilient but they are not without feelings and they don't miss much. Often children carry a self imposed burden that makes them believe that the divorce in some way is their fault.

      A case of spousal abuse involving excessive videogame playing as the catalyst.

      The hell do you think it has to do with videogames? EVERYTHING.

    The context used in the title implies that his wife beat him in a game, which lead to him requesting, or 'begging', for a divorce. THAT would have some reason for being here, but the article in question is just "Some guy plays games, like over 500 million other people, and got beaten by his wife, like about another 5 million men.".

    that is nice, he gave her money after the divorce
    a considerate gamer

    Wtf? She refuses to turn up and his case gets thrown out? Seems to be holes in that logic.

      The Chinese court system isn't the most logical place, sadly.

        Neither is the American court system or the Australian court system or any court system really.

    Women’s Federation of China, now they're what I call real feminists, fighting for the equality of women AND men.

    Thanks for confusing me with this line:
    "She started to use a real force, and she even cut Wang Li with a knife."

    Wang Li is HER, she cut herself in third person?!

    I found this article incredibly difficult to read considering that both of them had Li in their names. And the quote in the comment above compounded the issue.

    So instead of wasting 1 minute of my life I had to waste 2 minutes. Then another minute reading the comments, and a further minute posting this reply.

    I need to get out more, but hey atleast I'm at work getting paid for these minutes.

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