One Brave Battlefield 3 Soldier Takes On An Entire Army To Kill A Pesky Sniper

Snipers, man, amirite? They're fiends. They find one good corner where even a scope glare won't give them away, and they pick you off one by one.

Well this US soldier isn't having any of that. He takes on the entire slew of Russian enemies to get to the problematic sharpshooter. Will his bravery be awarded by collecting the opponent's dog tags, or will he be killed in the process?

Watch the Battlefield 3 machinima above to find out.


    Oh Tina, I know you probably don't play battlefield; but surely you could hear the main character in the short film speaking not-english (ie Russian) and the enemies speaking English (ie American)

      Yeah, you got your ruskies and yanks all mixed upside the head.

      Stop it. Leave her alone.

      Go watch grapes in the nether-region become unconditional requiems of justice so functional organisms may integrate polynomial Julia Gillards.

    Plus the enemy are driving humvees =P

      And they were using an M1 Abrams.
      And in the beginning, when the sniper was causin' bad times, the Russian tickets were going down.

      Although in Tinas defense, an A-10 Thunderbolt did, for some reason, bomb the Americans. But I don't think that's why she got confused. xD

    Wow, the Kotaku commenters are getting more and more bitchy each week. 4 comments and all about one mistake that was really quite inconsequential to the storyline of the video.

    That was made really well :) I miss playing Battlefield. Stupid greenfield estate with no ADSL or NBN. >:@

      Don't worry bro, Bitching about bitching seems to be the best way to fix it.

      Note that I wasn't bitching, merely pointing out the lack of research and professionalism in the article.

    that poor spetz nas all that to have his kill stolen.

    Lol. That was pretty damn good.

    Amazing little film, allot of effort has gone into it and its pretty well directed!

    That was a comedy right?

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