One Man Getting Hit By A Bus Is Another Man's Frogger Flash Game

At the University of Texas "every Friday before finals there's a thing called 'Foam Sword Friday'," writes Austin H., a computer sciences major at the university. Students go to the university district's main drag, cross the street during a red light, and then battle it out with foam swords.

This Friday, a freshman named Nick strode forth into the maw of disaster and was hit by a purple bus, which you can see in that video above at the 0:28 mark. Fortunately, the bus was not injured. As for Nick, he came out with "just a scratch and bruise," says Austin.

To pay tribute to the bus's sacrifice (and Nick's), Austin created "Nick vs. Bus", a flash-game Frogger variant you can play now — it's also playable on mobile devices. In it, your "Nick" is invulnerable to purple buses, as he was struck by a purple bus and emerged unharmed. You have 15 seconds to cross the street each time. Enjoy!

Nick Vs. Bus [Official Site — Thanks Austin. And, uh, Nick.]



    So a bunch of College students do something stupid and somebody gets hurt? What a surprise...

    A warning would be nice, I viewed this video yesterday and felt a little ill watching him get hit by the bus. Regardless if we as ok afterwards.

      he was ok*

      What did you expect exactly from an article/video titled "One man getting hit by a bus"? Surely that's warning enough of what's contained in the video.

      Personally, I thought it was hilarious.

    hahaha i kept replaying when he got hit over and over - that's hilarious*!!!!

    *because he is ok... :P

    oh that was funny as hell. Remember kids, look both ways before you cross the street

    I laughed so hard because he bounced off the bus. That poor driver he must have pooped himself something serious.

    Cross street while traffic is still going = get hit by bus, not exactly the hardest thing to grasp.

    The question is, how did this idiot get into university in the first place?

      I got hit by a car once when I was younger, Now I don't cross till the little green man comes up even if there is no traffic on the road.

      Lesson Learned.

        I actually saw a guy (pretty sure he was drunk or on some kinda drugs - he looked pretty dodgy) skateboarding across a road get hit by a taxi going at least 50km/h right on taylor square in the middle of the day literally 5 metres in front of me. Shit was really messed up.

        Needless to say I too wait for the green man.

        ...not really, lesson learned would have meant you pay attention to your surroundings and look before crossing the road and continue to check if there are any cars at all nearby.

        By simply waiting for the little green man you are reducing your chances of being hit when you are not paying attention...that is all.

    what an idiot. I feel for the bus driver.

    He's very very lucky he was wearing that backpack. It propped him up so that his head didn't hit the ground.
    That could have been very very nasty. As it now stands, it's just pretty funny.

    Sure, White Men Can't Jump, but Black Men Can't Bounce.

    Did he died?

      Did he bothered reading video description?

        Let me guess... 'Nope'?

    Stoopid kid.
    You'd think he'd of used his light sabre to cut the freakin bus down the middle.
    Back to padawan school little one .... and leave your light sabre at the door. :(

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