One Man's Quest To Redesign A Video Game

Jet Moto, aka Jet Rider, is a bit of a cult classic from the PlayStation days. It did well enough to get a bunch of sequels, but even then, it's been a long time since we've seen a new game in the series.

Which has upset designer Ian Galvin, enough to drive him to imagine what a new Jet Moto game could/should look like. And Ian's Jet Moto looks great!

Seeking to bring "a more modern twist" to the series (a futuristic entry in the series was canned before release), he's drawn up a number of designs for new vehicles, which you can see below.

Ian Galvin [Coroflot]


    And.... most of those look like hell. Try to actually make them look like a jetski or a hover bike, not like hair salon equipment that looks like it's from star wars, then it'll be Kickstartable.

    I guess the reason that there's never been any worthy sequels just explained itself.
    Sad because I really like the original game.

    I think the RedBull and Sanrio bikes are cool. the ones that enclose the rider are nice looking but doesn't really stick to a motogp bike all too much though.

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