Papo & Yo Is About Revisiting Your Childish Imagination

Papo & Yo is a video game about a son's troubled relationship with his Father, and that alone makes it a unique thing, but that's only part of what makes Papo & Yo an original proposition. In a new developer diary over at the PlayStation blog, Vander Caballero, the creator of Papo & Yo, discusses the use of imagination in his new game, and the ways in which game mechanics themselves can evoke an emotional response.

I love it when creators seem really invested and passionate about their own video games. More than anything, that gets me excited about upcoming games. I love the fact that Papo & Yo is based on an actual relationship, and it intrigues me that the game is so personal.

Really looking forward to seeing more about this game.


    I remember seeing this pop up last year and it blew me away with how amazing it looked ... all must know about this game!

    It's PaPo and Yo, not Papa.

    That looks great... anybody know when it's due out? The trailer just says "coming soon".

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