Persona 4: The Golden Is Coming To America

Good news, Japanese game fans! Persona 4 Golden is getting an official Western release. It will be out this fall in North America.

Persona 4: The Golden is a PS Vita version of the PlayStation 2 role-playing game, Persona 4. It adds new animation, at least one new character and new voice acting to the Japanese RPG as well as wireless support.

Check out the game in action here.

Persona 4 Golden [Atlus Thanks Sarah!]


    Hells yeah!

    except its an atlus game so im guessing we wont get it

      Square Enix will probably publish it, like they did with the PS2 version of the game.

      Squenix published Persona 3 and 4 on PS2, and Ghostlight in the UK has published Persona 1, 2 and 3 for PSP (and P3P was one of the best selling PSP games in PAL for quite a while) so I very much doubt we'd miss out on this.

      And besides, Vita's unregioned so in the worst case you could import it.

    Looks like I will be buying a vita this year.

    one new char?!?! you ruined the anime ;-;

    I was not entirely sure we would get a western release in 2012. Awesome news!

    The ps2 virsion of this game was sick, so i hope this game will be good aswel !!

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