Play Borderlands 2 On PC Or Console?

It's not always about mouse and keyboard versus controllers; sometime the choice to play on PC or console comes down to a question of community. Let's help commenter Daemon_Gildas figure out how to play Borderlands 2 in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

Okay, fellow gamers, I need some advice!

I've always been fond of playing games with controllers, as opposed to keyboard and mouse and there's no way you're going to convince me otherwise, so leave that out of the equation.

Should I purchase Borderlands 2 for the Xbox 360 or the PC?

I have a pretty decent gaming rig now, although I would be surprised if it can handle maxed graphic-setting without some hiccups. The 360, on the other hand, seems to be showing its age a bit these days, and I'm not particularly fond of Xbox Live anymore (ever since the new UI update, the things have just been a mess).

Thing is, I've never actually taken the plunge to play PC games over consoles. Sure, I play all of Blizzard's games, but it's more in spite of the fact they're on PC, not because of it. As well, I'm horrible when it actually comes to maintaining PC's, not even knowing when or if to download drivers unless I run into a technical issue, and even then I get fed-up with the process pretty quickly.

As well, what's the PC Borderlands community like? I played Borderlands 1 on the 360, and it was a pretty mixed-bag. Is that the same of the PC version, or is it a little more positive?

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    First person shooter = PC... that's what I am doing :D

    Sounds like they're really putting the effort into the PC version, so I'm going for that.

    Pc is really flourishing!! The graphics far surface the consoles and the pc community is better! You won't have to worry about baddy kids joining your games either.

    This isn't a PC vs Console issue. Borderlands is about Cooperative. Buy it on whatever format your friends are getting it on. You'll enjoy it more that way.

      Double this

    PC gaming is making a comeback slowly but surely, and the Pro's of PC gaming vastly outweigh the Cons. So PC, my good man!

    Play the pc version with a 360 remote, that's what I did for part one. Mouse and keyboard just didn't work so well with the original, I think it was the FOV or something, not 100% sure, but it just seemed meh with M&K. Also the smooth frame rates, and better graphics are a big plus. The only disadvantage is no split screen, which is usually a big plus for me...

    I personally keep to consoles as its a case of pickup and play.

    PCs have become install and pray: I pray that my drivers are enough, I pray that my card is compatible and above all I pray the DRM will not falsely accuse me of having a pirate version.

    PC gaming has been hampered sense the over use of DRM.

      I don't mean to start the billionth "hurr hurr consoles are for casuals" argument here, as I also own a console, however, I have to comment on the bit about drivers. I've never had a problem with them. I just download another Nvidia driver update whenever I have to, and even then I've sometimes just not downloaded them and still played new releases fine. So why do you need to "pray" that the drivers are "enough"? It's not like it's going to prevent you from playing the game at all, and at the most you might have to download another 300mb.

      Most of the time, I put the disk in, wait about 10-15 mins for it to install, and then play it.

        I work in IT so I often have to take my work home.

        As a result, I have to keep to the current drivers - even if it means breaking performance with some games.

        It's crazy how a PC is supposed to be general purpose yet we are approaching a world where one has to have mutliple installations of an operating system so one is for work and one is for gaming. It defeats all logic.

        Then again, PCs are more complex and while they have more RAM than consoles they also have the notition of memory paging which can slow things down if you do not program with this behaviour in mind. Consoles don't have that problem as they basically only run the game and possibly a minimal console OS and nothing else.

        That aside, my main issue is the DRM. These days I only buy a PC game if I can get it from Steam (which has the least invasive DRM) or (which has no DRM). EA and others have just gone mad with DRM and are rapidly approaching the point where one has to pirate just to play a game one has legally bought!

          " we are approaching a world where one has to have mutliple installations of an operating system so one is for work and one is for gaming. It defeats all logic."

          I'd agree to 'it defeats all logic'. Unless you have to use a non-windows system for work (aka,a non-standard OS) then you don't need one.

          Also not sure what the point of your rant about companies and their DRM that have nothing to do with Borderlands. They're using Steam.

      Windows update is your friend. It keeps my drivers upto date.

    For me its gotta be PC, mainly cause I haven't owned a console since PS1.

    Borderlands 1's PC community was pretty small, mostly due to the fact that the game had horrible matchmaking and network issues, but they're remedying that for Borderlands 2 this time round. I generally find PC communities around games to be more mature on the PC, but that doesnt stop trolls and other sorts regardless. Id recommend PC, just get a 360 wireless adapter for PC and use your 360 controllers, best of both worlds!

    Well I wouldn't say that Borderlands is one of those twitch reflex shooters that require amazing precision. It's more about having fun and going crazy, something perfectly suited to couch and controller. To that end I am totally satisfied playing it on console, in fact I prefer it on 360. The main reason being able to co-op with my friends, who all own 360's.

    I play BL [and will be playing BL2] on both; PC for single player/modding/etc., but I dig the splitscreen couch co-op with a mate. As mentioned above it's not a precision twitch shooter, so it's relatively input-agnostic. I only really multiplayer with friends though so I don't know what the wider communities are like.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    If it's co-op rather than competitive multiplayer then it should have cross platform play (at least between PS3 and PC even if MS won't allow it on 360). Then it ceases to be an issue.

    apparently, the PC version is being made for the PC properly, as in they have a different menu system for it. the first borderlands on PC was just a 360 port, 2 should be significantly better on PC, if you like PC that is

    Borderlands 1 on PC was a horrible mess of a port. The UI was just painful to use with a mouse and keyboard and some of it just seemed really lazy - things like you can't press enter to acknowledge a quest screen, you have to press 'E', and not being able to use the mouse to quickly click items to sell.

    I did play Borderlands on consoles and PC, but I think I'll wait for the reviews on this one before I decide which platform to buy it on.

    In all of my playthroughs of Borderlands on PC I've never run into any griefers or trolls. But honestly, I think you should grab the version all your friends will be grabbing.

    Well you DID spend money on a rig capable of playing games. Be a waste if you didn't. Where will your friends be playing it? Just play it on PC with an Xbox 360 controller if you dislike M+K.

      Just on this - how the hell do you get a 360 controller to work on your PC?

        2 options, buy a wired controller (not the play and charge ones) or buy the 360 remote wireless receiver.

    Splitscreen > Online

    Get it on console

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Friends are all on 360, so 360 for me.

    Sounds like you already want to play it on PC. Steam has a Driver update system built into it, I use that. And this is one of the reasons I like Steam for DRM, it helps me do things like this.

    exact same dilema!!! i have an amazing gaming PC and i feel bad not using it :( but sitting on my couch with good surround sound slightly tips me towards PS3 . When i want some graphical amazement PC all the way ( hello bioshock infinite :))

    Borderlands 2 is going to have split screen online and offline and that is only going to be on console.

    My friend has it on Xbox, and I'm thinking of buying it on PC could we coop land?

    The great thing about PC Gaming is that for most games, you can play with a controller. So if you prefer a controller on different games then all you have to do is plug in your 360 controller.

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