Play Pac-Man In A Converted Petrol Pump At Circular Quay

So that's a headline I never imagined myself writing. I just went out to grab a snack and notice a massive amount of disused petrol pumps, all just sitting at Circular Quay. Every one of them had been converted into something awesome. The best one, however, was the Petrol Pump that let me play Pac-Man!

It's part of some sort of campaign for the Nissan Leaf, which is a fully electric car. I guess all of these disused petrol pumps are supposed to represent all the petrol we won't need if we convert.

There were a fair few cool ones in addition to the Pac-Man effort.

In particular I liked...

The Mini Gold effort — because it reminded me of Happy Gilmore.

And this one, because it reminded me of Big.


    I wondered what was going on when I was heading to uni! Might have to stop by later on after class.

    Saw this on my way to one to the Sydney Writers Festival talks, 'Is Code Poerty?'.

    How did the petrol fountain not remind you of Zoolander Mark!

    I saw these on my way to school. I'll see if I can have a go on the pacman one tomorrow

    They're all up here:

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