Players Enter Dishonored's Neo-Victorian Steampunk Society On Oct 9

I knew absolutely nothing about Bethesda's Dishonored until Totilo told us 18 things we should know about the steal action game. Now I know a 19th thing: Dishonored hits the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 9.

Oh, and it has some incredibly sexy box art, if you can get past that nasty Games for Windows logo.


    This should fill the BioShock void nicely!

      I will be playing this badboy.

      And I agree, DC. I too think it will fill the gap very nicely.

    I'm giving this a month before you see some sick-ass cosplay of this :)

    Any other artwork from the game I've seen deceptively good cover art then found the game was shit. I do like Bethesda but I want to see more on the game then just that one picture

    Why is the games for windows logo nasty, xbox and ps3 both have logos on cases aswel. Game news people being just console fanboys and dumping on PC is half the reason PC gaming is dying. PC leads the way in technology and if not for PC's the console wouldn't exist and its the PC that is making it possible or worth it rather to upgrade console generations. Don't get me wrong consoles are great I have had just about every one of them since 1990 but PC gaming is still my preferred

      I think it's more the screwiness of the Games for Windows service rather than the box design. To be honest, I'm just glad it's even getting a PC release.

        Yeah same hopefully its good

        You're confusing Games for windows with 'Games for Windows Live'. Games for windows is completely unintrusive, it's the "Live" part that you need to watch out for.

    There is a noticible lack of the "Arkane Studios" logo on the cover.

    What the hell, Bethesda

    Just watched the debut trailer, looks good. Kinda like Assassins Creed meets Bioshock.

      Makes me think AC meets Arcanum

    It's amazing how many of you can sook over nothing

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